The 26 Best Theme Parks in Europe for Kids (2024)

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Looking for the BEST theme parks in Europe?

Some of the best theme parks for kids are dotted all over Europe, from amazing theme parks to the best water parks in Europe.

Whether you’re looking for amusement parks for teens, theme parks suitable for 3-year-olds, or child amusement parks, Europe has something for you.

The following list covers the best theme parks in Europe, including the best attraction parks Europe has to offer and the best rides in Europe.

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Best Theme Parks in Europe for Kids Map

26 Best Amusement Parks in Europe

These 26 European theme parks aren’t just the top theme parks Europe has to offer, they’re some of the most famous theme parks in the world.

From the biggest theme park in Europe to the best coasters in Europe, you’ll find something you adore in the list of best childrens amusement parks below:

1. Europa Park, Germany

europa park germany

Location: Rust, Southwest Germany (between Freiburg im Breisgau and Strasbourg, France)

Europa Park is the biggest amusement park Germany has, and it’s also the second most popular of the theme parks in Europe!

Europa Park Germany also features Rulantica, one of the newest water parks in Europe, and the museum-themed hotel Krønasår.

There’s no doubt it’s amongst the best amusement parks in Germany, and it features some of the world’s most famous theme park rides, including the Alpenexpress Enzian which opened in 1984!

It’s also one of the biggest theme parks in Europe – in fact, by size, it’s Europe’s biggest amusement park!

Germany City Breaks:



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2. PortAventura Park, Spain

port aventura spain, spain theme parks

Location: In the PortAventura World Resort, southwest of Barcelona and on the Costa Daurada

Portaventura has five amazing areas based on civilisations – Mediterrània, Far West, México, China and Polynesia – and one based on Sesame Street.

For adventure seekers, the Dragon Khan ride in the China section is an eight-inversion coaster that once was the tallest in Europe – it’s often voted the best roller coaster in Europe.

Of course, there’s also quieter fun to be had for little ones on Sesame Street. There are also two hotels and a water park – it’s consistently voted among the best theme parks in Europe for a reason!

Spain City Breaks:




3. Disneyland Paris, France

disneyland france, paris

Location: Chessy, France, near Paris

Formerly known as Eurodisney, Disneyland in Europe is second in terms of Europe’s biggest theme park by footfall. And why wouldn’t it be? Disneyland Park Europe offers all the fun of the US versions with a uniquely European twist.

The Europe rides are a little different, most noticeably the variations in the infamous Space Mountain between Disneylands, meaning that there’s always something new to discover.

You can often catch a European attractions show, too, in both French and English as well as other languages. Friendly for all ages!

4. Legoland Germany

theme parks in europe, legoland

Location: Günzburg, southern Germany

Who doesn’t love Lego? Among German theme parks, it’s one of the best for little ones and families. Legoland Europe, Germany, is extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike!

It’s an entirely Lego-themed park featuring several roller coasters, a holiday village, and sections based on numerous Lego “worlds” including:

  • Miniland
  • Lego City
  • Little Asia
  • Knights Kingdom (Land der Ritter)
  • Imagination
  • Kingdom of the Pharaohs (Land der Pharaonen)
  • Adventure Land (Land der Abenteuer)
  • Pirate Land (Land der Piraten)
  • Lego X-treme

The Legoland parks could each easily be listed in the top 5 theme parks in Europe! The German one, in particular, has won several awards for its child- and family-friendly nature.

5. Legoland Denmark

Location: Billund, Denmark

legoland germany

This was the very first Lego park and it’s located right next to the original Lego factory – to add some toy history to your trip! Legoland Europe, Denmark, has been consistently voted one of the best attraction parks in Europe for families as well as arguably the best Legoland in Europe.

It features themed lands similar to Germany, but the themes vary a little. They are:

  • Adventure Land
  • Duplo Land
  • Imagination Zone
  • Knight’s Kingdom
  • EGO Movie World
  • Mini Land
  • Ninjago World
  • Pirate Land
  • Polar Land

As well as roller coasters, this park also features kiddie rides, water rides, shows, events, and other rides and attractions.

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6. Efteling Fantasy Theme Park, The Netherlands

Location: Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands

efteling theme park, netherlands theme parks, best theme parks in europe

This theme park comes with its own unique and fascinating twist – all of the rides are based on fantasy, mythology, and fairy tales.

The fantasy amusement park the Netherlands uses to showcase the weird and wonderful mixed in with a mix of slow fun, mystery and adventure, and adrenaline-pumping rides.

It’s definitely a unique adventure park Europe has to offer, and one that can’t be missed! It’s amongst the biggest amusement parks in Europe, as it is the most visited even above Disneyland, Paris! The park is a must-visit amongst theme parks in Europe.

7. Alton Towers, UK

Location: Alton, Staffordshire, England

Some of the best and biggest amusement parks in Europe are British-born! One of the most visited theme parks in the UK and one of the best theme parks in England is Alton Towers resort. As well as its ten roller coasters and countless rides, Alton Towers features crazy golf, a high ropes course, and a water park, as well as tons of seasonal festivals. Within the main theme park there are several sections:

  • Towers Street
  • Katanga Canyon
  • Gloomy Wood
  • Forbidden Valley
  • Adventure Land
  • X-Sector
  • Mutiny Bay
  • The World of David Walliams
  • Dark Forest
  • CBeebies Land
  • The Towers

CBeebies Land as its own mini theme park is also a fantastic theme park for toddlers, UK centred.

UK City Breaks:



8. Legoland, UK

legoland uk

Location: Windsor, Berkshire, England

Like its relations, Legoland Windsor resort is one of the best theme parks in the UK. It’s a great theme park for 1-year-olds, UK based, as well as children older.

As well as its rides, it features Lego building workshops for children between 3 and 12. The twelve “worlds” in Legoland Windsor feature themed rides and shops, and these areas are:

  • The Beginning
  • Duplo Valley
  • Knight’s Kingdom
  • Lego City
  • Miniland
  • Lego Ninjago World
  • Pirate Shores
  • Heartlake City
  • Kingdom of the Pharaohs
  • Land of the Vikings
  • Imagination
  • Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creature

The resort also features two Lego-themed hotels and it’s one of the best theme parks in the UK for under 10’s!

9. Gardaland Resort, Italy

gardaland italy, theme parks in italy

Location: Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy

Gardaland features 445,000 metres squared of attractions, including a sea life centre, three themed hotels, and soon a Legoland water park – as well as its 200,000-metre square theme park!

Italy theme parks are always an exciting time and Gardaland is no exception, featuring a mix of amazing rides and entertainment shows.

It’s rated one of the top ten amusement parks in the world and the eighth-most-visited roller coaster park in Europe.

It features roller coasters, water rides, dark rides, flat thrill rides, family rides, and other attractions like a 4D cinema, an actor-led forest event, and more, all split across many themed worlds. It’s also located right next to the beautiful Lake Garda!

Italy City Breaks:






10. Zoomarine-Algarve, Portugal

Location: Guia, Albufeira, Portugal

If you’re looking for amusement parks in Portugal, Zoomarine is one of the best. This parc attraction Portugal offers is filled with rides as well as live animals!

There is a zoo, an aquarium, and many fun activities, lessons, and interactive learning about animals and conservation efforts across Portugal.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of water rides along with the traditional theme park rides, as well as lots of green areas and lovely water.

From the Pirate Bay performance to the Jurassic River ride to the 4D cinema, it’s one of the most unique and exciting theme parks in Europe!

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11. Bobbejaanland, Belgium

Location: Lichtaart, Belgium

bobbejaanland belgium

Top rated amongst the theme parks in Belgium is Bobbejaanland, a theme park with a surprising backstory. It was founded in the early 60s by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a Flemish singer, guitarist, and entertainer.

There are over 50 attractions, including huge roller coasters, challenging dark rides, many water rides, and the longest junior roller coaster in the world for little ones.

Most of the park is western-themed, and there are many shows and displays dotted around, as well as museums and a focus on alternative energy – this Belgium theme park is truly a family park.

View the website here – website only available in Belgian, German, and French >>>

12. Phantasialand, Germany

phantasialand germany

Location: Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Though one of the smallest by area, Phantasialand is one of the biggest fun parks Europe has to offer in terms of attention to detail and constant upgrades.

Like Portaventura, the theme park is split into different worlds based on real cultures: Berlin (and Rookburgh), Mexico, China Town, and Deep in Africa.

In addition, there are the Fantasy and Mystery areas, the latter of which features a mediaeval village called Klugheim.

The park features thrill rides, wild roller coasters, amazing water rides, dark rides, and many other attractions including mystery rooms and rides for younger children.

The park removes rides frequently to make room for new ones, so there’s always something new! There are also many performance shows.

View the website here >>>

13. Familypark, Austria

Location: Near Rust and Lake Neusiedl, Austria

family park, austria theme parks for kids, europe theme parks

Familypark is, well, a family park, Austria centred, and a favourite with families and kids of all ages. The park features four themed worlds: the Experience Castle (Erlebnisburg), the Fairytale Forest (Märchenwald), the Farm (Bauernhof) and Adventure Island (Abenteuerinsel).

It prides itself on being an “immersive world” of fun! It has more than 30 traditional ride attractions like rollercoasters, thrill rides, and junior rides, as well as experience zones, water games, music theatres, parks, and playgrounds.

As Austria’s biggest theme park, it also keeps you well fed – there are many, many themed restaurants to choose from with almost every food type imaginable!

Austria City Breaks:


14. Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park, Hungary

Location: Nagyerdő Great Forest, Debrecen, Hungary

hungary zoo, theme parks in hungary, best theme parks in europe

Debrecen was the first zoo in Hungary outside of the capital city and is home to over 900 species of protected animals from all over the world, as well as its own fantastic theme park!

Theme parks in Hungary aren’t the first people think of when discussing theme parks in Europe, which is a shame – Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park is an adventure not to be missed.

The region’s biggest theme park has 17 rides in the amusement park for visitors of various ages and the curious record of the smallest Ferris wheel in the country!

View the website >>>

15. Skyline Park, Germany

Location: Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany

skyline park germany

Skyline Park has a ton of attractions, from water rides to roller coasters to trampolines and more. Another in Germany theme parks in Europe, it’s a favourite for families looking for alternate entertainment like go-karting mixed in with their amusement rides!

It has 43 total attractions and a playground as well, meaning there’s something for all ages. If you’re looking for Munich theme parks, it’s only an hour away!

View the website >>> (only in German)

16. Chessington World of Adventures, UK

Location: Chessington, Greater London, England

If your preference is fun theme parks in London, Chessington World of Adventures Resort is the place to be!

The resort contains both the theme park and Chessington Zoo, home to over 1,000 animals including a sea life centre! The theme park contains sections based on world cultures, which are:

  • Adventure Point
  • Mexicana
  • Pirates’ Cove
  • Land of the Tiger
  • Wild Woods
  • Forbidden Kingdom
  • Land of the Dragons
  • Wild Asia
  • The Rainforest
  • Wanyama

There are two themed hotels and themed “glamping”, and many events including the yearly Howl’o’ween. Roller coasters, thrill rides, kiddie rides, dark rides, water rides and more make up the 35+ attractions.

17. Cavallino Matto

cavallino matto

Location: Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy

If you’re in the mood for amusement parks in Italy, Florence is just a 2-hour drive from the largest amusement park in Tuscany! The name means “Crazy Little Horse” and it’s located on 60,000 square metres of pine forest

land. It started its life in the late 60s as a playground and has since grown into a 30-attraction park with roller coasters, water rides, live shows, and more. There’s a 3D cinema, orchestra performances, an animatronic safari ride, and acrobatic shows – always something new to see!

View the website here – Only in Italian >>>

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18. Swiss Vapeur Parc, Switzerland

Location: Le Bouveret, Valais, Switzerland

Theme parks in Geneva have a little something different to offer! An hour’s drive away from the city is the miniature theme park that has one major focus: trains! The entire theme park is a 2km circuit of train tracks on the shore of Lake Geneva.

They have fifteen ¼ scale trains including 9 steam trains that the family can board and adventure through a little slice of Swiss perfection.

They host events throughout the year, including easter events, the international steam festival, Halloween events, and a western-themed area. As well, there are three restaurants including a creperie!

19. Aqualandia

Location: Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

Aqualandia is one of the best water parks in northern Spain, which sources all the water in the park directly from the sea! It’s twinned with its next-door neighbour, the marine animal park Mundomar.

There are fifteen amazing water rides with something for all age groups, which are flagged by age group and intensity – easy rides in green, moderate rides in yellow, and radical attractions in red. Europe’s highest standing slide and highest capture slide are both at Aqualandia! It’s one of the best Spain theme parks in Europe.

Tip: Aqualandia is the perfect day trip if you’re staying in Alicante with kids.

20. Monte Igueldo, Spain

Location: San Sebastian, Basque Country

This amazing park has been in operation in some form since 1912 and is one of the best theme parks and water parks in northern Spain.

It features 20 attractions including a boat pond, a labyrinth, a water ride called the Mysterious River, and the Swiss Mountain roller coaster.

It’s been declared a monumental landmark in the area! They also offer special events for children’s birthday parties.

View the website >>>

21. Funpark Biograd, Croatia

Location: Biograd na Moru, Croatia

This theme park Croatia has in store is something special. From a games hall to a house of horror, there’s tons of excitement before you even get to the attractions! The rides are themed thrill rides, roller coasters, and more.

Themes include space, Western, dinosaurs, pirates, and Atlantis. There’s also stories to keep you immersed throughout the park!

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22. Parc Astérix, France

Location: Plailly, France

The second biggest and second most popular of France theme parks is based on the Asterix and Obelix comics, known for its large assortment of roller coasters and themes from historical contexts.

The themes include Gauls, Romans, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt. There are many exciting rides from roller coasters to funhouses to a swinging ship, as well as other amazing attractions like a dolphin enclosure.

View the website >>>

23. Clara Lara FunPark

Location: Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland

This is one of the most interesting theme parks in Ireland, which started as a trout farm and fun park!

It’s now a combination adventure park and water park, and the attractions involve exciting things like obstacle courses, a zipline, kayaking and canoeing, water slides, a pirate ship, tree houses, Tarzan swings, rope bridges, go-karts and crazy golf, as well as special sturdy child-friendly canoes known as Amphicats.

Ireland City Breaks:


24. Liseberg

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

One of the most visited parks in Scandinavia is one of the most popular amusement parks in Sweden: Liseberg. The wooden roller coaster it is best known for, Balder has been voted the world’s best wooden roller coaster twice!

The park also previously held the title of best amusement park in the world. They have a summer season as well as events through Halloween and Christmas, including a Christmas market.

The park features roller coasters, water rides, children’s rides, and many more, including 6 roller coasters and 4 water rides amongst its 37 attractions.

View the website >>>

25. Allou! Fun Park, Greece

Location: Agios Ioannis Rentis, Greece

Located near Athens, Allou is a great stop to make on your Greek family holiday! As well as numerous events throughout the year with a Greek flavour like the amazing Carnival activities, there are two main areas of the theme park: the main area and an area dedicated to small kids.

There are many rides ranging all over the board from roller coasters to water rides to thrill rides and more. Definitely not one to be missed!

Greece City Breaks:



26. Paultons Park, Southampton, UK

Paultons Park is one of Europe’s most delightful family-friendly theme parks and one of the best children’s theme parks in Europe.

While it may not boast the towering roller coasters of some of its continental counterparts, it more than makes up for it with charm, diverse attractions, and animal encounters

The famous section is the enchanting Peppa Pig World, which beckons families with young children from all over. This whimsical part of the park brings to life the beloved children’s show, offering interactive rides, meet-and-greets with characters, and captivating play areas.

In my opinion, this is the best theme park in Europe for toddlers, especially if they love Peppa Pig.

But Paultons Park isn’t just for the little ones. The Lost Kingdom, with its prehistoric ambiance, features dinosaur-themed rides and animatronic beasts that transport visitors to an era long gone. The park also houses over 70 other attractions, ensuring that everyone, from thrill-seekers to nature lovers, finds their niche.

How to Choose the Best Theme Park in Europe for Your Family Trip

When choosing which amusement parks to visit, the right theme parks in Europe depend on your situation. Focusing on the best roller coasters in Europe might be the goal for some families, but definitely not others!

Consider the Age of the Family Group

If you have very little ones, there’s no point in going on an adrenaline-filled trip searching for the best rollercoaster in Europe! Similarly, older kids might not be comfortable or find enjoyment in the theme parks Europe has for young ones. Senior family members might struggle to get around some of the biggest theme parks in Europe and prefer a smaller resort

Choose a Great City Break Destination and Pick a Theme Park Nearby

Take the opportunity to visit the European country of your dreams. Some of the best amusement parks in Germany, for example, are a short hop from its major cities. When it comes to its best amusement park vacations, Europe doesn’t exclude sightseeing too!

Figure Out if you want a Full Theme Park Resort Experience

The best European theme parks can be a day trip or an extended stay If you’re looking for theme park resorts, Europe has plenty of options

Focus on an Atmosphere where your Family will be Comfortable

Don’t go anywhere too busy if you have kids or adults with special needs who will struggle! Many of the top theme parks Europe has have family focused arrangements in mind

What is the best theme park in Europe?

The best theme park in Europe is of course subjective, based on what you like, where you like to go, and more. According to the official rankings of the best destinations in Europe, the top-rated are:
Europa Park
Futuroscope, France
Parc Asterix
Gröna Lund, Sweden
Gardaland, Italy
Tivoli Gardens, Denmark
Walibi, Belgium
Of course, my personal favourites are amongst the 25 above!

What is the biggest theme park in Europe?

Europa Park in is the biggest amusement park in Europe! The whole park covers 950,000 metres squared and attracts about 5.75 million individual visitors per year. There are 61 total rides in the park, including 13 roller coasters and 12 water rides, amongst many others.

Is there a Legoland in Europe?

Yes, there are several Legoland parks in Europe, starting with the original in Denmark. In addition, there are Legoland parks in Germany, and the United Kingdom, and a mini-park and waterpark in Italy (one of the best waterparks in Europe). Each park contains several worlds and many of the same rides, but each has its own individuality too.

Which European theme park has the best roller coasters?

Some of the top roller coasters in Europe are at Alton Towers in the United Kingdom. Nemesis, the first-ever inverted coaster in Europe, is still consistently voted top of the list by many sources! Wicker Man, a giant wooden roller coaster with fire fea, ones considered extremely exciting and a favourite of adrenaline junkies everywhere.

Is there a Disneyland in Europe?

Yes! Disneyland Paris in France is an extremely popular Disney park and one of the most visited parks on the continent, and the largest Disney park outside of the United States. Walt Disney Studio Park also shares the campus, making for an extremely exciting couple of days for those of us who love Disney magic!

What is the best theme park in Europe for toddlers?

Efteling is a fantastic park to visit with toddlers, who will adore the bright colours and the fairy tale themes. They’re very kid-focused, even having a website for little ones and a roller coaster specifically built for families. There’s even a playground for toddler fun away from all the more extreme rides and the Holle Bolle Gijs paper gobblers are a favourite of toddlers everywhere.

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