15+ BEST Things to Do in Turin with Kids + 2024 City Break Guide

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Turin, Italy tourist attractions might not be the first to come to mind when thinking of your Italy city break, but that’s precisely why the metropolitan city of Turin, Italy is the perfect way to see Italy with kids! Turin with kids is one of the best European city breaks with kids around – so don’t miss out!

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Is Turin Worth Visiting?

Turin with kids is one of the best alternate tourist vacations you can treat them to! When you visit Turin, you’ll be surprised by just how much there is to do and see for visitors of all ages. The highlights of Turin are waiting!

When is the Best Time to visit Turin?

Your Turin city break will be fantastic whenever you go, but of course, there are some times to visit that are better than others! The two best months to discover Turin with kids are:

Turin in February

February is not the most popular month for most tourists as it only reaches highs of 9 degrees celsius – but that makes it a cheap time to visit the city of Turin without too many tourists and warm up with some Italian coffee or special Turin chocolate.

February is also the month of Carnival, the week-long party where Turin children and adults dress in costumes, parade, dance, and generally enjoy a massive spectacle!

Turin in May

May is the perfect time to visit Turin. Averaging at about 21 degrees, it’s a great way to spend summer in Turin without being overwhelmed by the later summer heat! It’s a great time to experience many of the free things to do in Turin as many are outdoors, as well as see the lovely beaches and other Turin must-see sights. May also hosts the beginning of several festivals, concerts, and more.

How to Get to Turin, Italy

Flights to Turin, Italy, are regular and convenient. Getting to Turin is easy, especially within Europe. Torino Airport is only 16km from the city centre and accepts flights from all over the world.

Flights to Turin from the UK are quick and cheap. A flight to Turin from London takes around two hours and can cost as low as £25.

Flights Turin have to offer reach all over! Flights from Turin to Paris take about an hour and a half and cost under £15.

View Flights to Turin here for your dates here >>>

You can also drive, bus, or take the train into Milan from around Europe. Getting from Milan to Turin by train takes 1 to 1.5hrs, and there are more than 60 trains every day. The cost was cheap, too, at around £8.

A bus from Rome takes about 10hrs and costs around £30.

Where to Stay in Turin with Kids

Turin is a very safe city, making Turin with kids an excellent plan for your holidays! There are plenty of great places to stay in Turin, Italy, and many of the hotels Turin has to offer will take your trip to the next level.

Three of the best places to consider when staying are Il Centro (Turin City Centre), San Salvario (if you’re on a budget and want to see the sights), and Borgo Po (the best for families). 

Budget: AL9 Flat 

Right in the historic centre, this is the hotel experience while also providing an entire apartment for the family! With free WiFi, a 24/7 front desk, and a selection of books and DVDs in the rooms specifically for children, it’s easy to see why families love AL9 Flat.

A night costs around £58 for four people with a few extra city fees. They offer one cot for free upon request.

Mid-Range: Hotel Cascina Fossata & Residence

This fantastic family hotel is a favourite with bookers who have young children. There’s free private parking, a lovely garden, and a delicious breakfast on offer – as well as a playground for the kids!

Your rooms are also a whole apartment, complete with a kitchen for those self-catering trips. Cots and extra beds are available for a small fee per night, and pets are welcome for free. Per night, the hotel costs around £100 for four people.

Splashing Out: Europrooms

Europrooms is rated 9.8 for family stays! It’s right in the heart of Turin, very close to the fascinating Egyptian Museum and the Royal Palace, and has a reputation for a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Rooms and suites come with cable tv, soundproofing, a dressing room, and a coffee machine. They offer activities like movie nights, tours, temporary art galleries, and more, as well as a mini-market on campus for anything you might need.

Cots and extra beds are available for a nightly fee, and the per-night charge for a family of 4 for a suite is £200.

Best Things to Do in Turin with Kids

If you’re looking for things to do in Turin, look no further! In fact, between the Turin attractions, Turin sightseeing and several unusual things to do in Turin, they might not want to leave! The children of Turin love their city, and so will your kids.

#1 Museo Igizio (Egyptian Museum)

turin museum, egyptian museum

This is the most important collection of Egyptian artefacts in the world outside of Egypt! With mummies, scrolls, and ancient artefacts, it’s one of the most exciting things to do Turin has to offer.

They host many special activities and temporary and permanent exhibits, both for adults and kids, and are committed to social progress. There’s also a fun multimedia section!

This is better suited to kids that are a little older, and maybe not tiny ones! Get your tickets here.

Buy Your Egyptian Museum Tickets here >>>

#2 Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum)

Some of the best cool things to do in Turin are based in the many museums in Turin, and the National Museum is maybe the best one for those with kids of all ages.

The Museum of Cinema has many fun exhibitions and events for all ages. You can go through the history of cinema starting way back in the day when it was all puppet theatre and watch the technology evolve.

#3 Parko del Valentino (Valentine Park)

Valentino Park, turin parks, green spaces

Sometimes the kids just need a place to get their energy out, and Valentino Park is it. It’s a favourite green area that Turin children love! The park has been open since 1852 and contains:

  • A replica medieval village.
  • Prime space for picnicking and ball games.
  • Access to the stunning River Po.

It also contains a fantastic castle to explore! It’s located right in Turin city centre. Turin is the perfect place for outdoor adventures with plenty of amazing green spaces!

View tours that visit Park Valentino Here >>>

#4 Porta Palazzo Market

Palazzo market, turin

The best Turin places to visit are those that capture the essence of the small city’s culture. One of the best Turin points of interest is Porta Palazzo Market. You can take the kids alone or go on a guided tour of the largest open-air market in Europe, replete with local delicacies.

There’s always something fun to do or try or taste! As well, the market is set up near the historic Roman area.

#5 The Sassi–Superga Tramway

tramway turin, views, panorama, green spaces

This vintage tramway is one of the oldest running Turin points of interest and features a carriage from 1934! It’ll take you and the family to the top of the breathtaking Superga Hill, and the journey will give you time to take many pictures.

You’ll see the famous Basilica at the top of the hill as well as breathtaking views of the Alps and the city from above. It’s one of the most incredible things to do in Turin.

#6 Reggia di Venaria Reale (Palace of Venaria)

Palace of venaria

The palaces can’t be missed when looking for what to do in Turin. This World Heritage site is a baroque palace with huge grounds and a beautiful palace. The gardens are breathtaking, and you’re completely immersed in history!

They offer guided tours through the palace and gardens. There are even exhibitions of impressive statues, and an on-site train can take you to an Ancient Temple of Diana!

#7 Planetarium of Turin, Museum of Astronomy and Space Science

If you want something to do in Turin with kids, who doesn’t love space? As well as planetarium shows, the museum offers several hands-on interactive exhibits – their entire method is about getting actively involved to learn, which means it’s great for curious kids! Across four floors plus the planetarium, this is an incredibly full day out.

Love museums? Why not try the National Automobile Museum of Turin? This interactive museum is perfect for kids.

#8 Area 12 Shopping Centre


Sometimes you just want a day at the shops, and Area 12 offers precisely that. With discounts, events, exhibitions, a point rewards app, and sixty plus shops and food areas, you’ll find something to do for everyone.

#9 Sacra Sidone (Shroud of Turin) and the Royal Palace

shroud of turin, palace

You can’t visit Turin without seeing the thing that it’s most known for around the world. You can tour the royal palace before going straight to one of the most controversial sights in the world – something for the kids to take back with them to talk about at school!

Where to Eat in Turin for Families

Who doesn’t love Italian food? The Piemontese food in Turin is exceptional and not to be missed. From bagna cauda to truffles to Fritto Misto alla Piemontese, there’s savoury food for everyone. Let’s not forget the chocolate in Turin – have you heard of Nutella? They make that in Turin! Lots of restaurants in Turin, Italy, are great for families. The best places to eat in Turin with kids include:

  • Art & Cafe Le Meridien – you and the kids will both have a great experience because the kids get a separate section to themselves! Along with a caregiver, they get to eat and be entertained while the parents get a date night.

  • Peter Pan – A child-friendly restaurant complete with playrooms for the kids sorted by age group up to 12. Adults can eat while kids play!

  • Stazione Sassi – Up on Superga and with a great view and low prices, this place also has swings and a place to run around.  

Turin Itinerary

Turin for kids is one of my favourite holidays. Personally, the kids and I have been to Turin a few times, and we always love it! Whether it’s one day in Turin or a week, there’s always something new to do. Being off the beaten path makes it that bit more special.

One Day in Turin

Morning: If you only have one day in Turin, we spend it sightseeing, taking a Pinocchio tour or a City Bus Tour is a great way to see the city, even though we’ve seen it before – there’s always something new to discover! The kids love asking questions and finding out new things. The hop-on, hop-off tours are great for casual trips. 

Afternoon: In the afternoon, we take a trip to the Porta Palazzo Market. We can get something nice for dinner and a snack and immerse ourselves in the culture of Turin! As well, it’s an excellent opportunity to chat with some locals and let the kids play.

2 Days in Turin

Morning: Day 2 is spent at the planetarium. The kids can’t get enough of the science exhibits, and even we adults learn something new! We stay for the planetarium show into the early afternoon, watching the night sky flypast during the day.

Afternoon: After a long day at the museum, the kids want to run around. We usually take them to Valentine Park or one of the small play parks in the city centre to get some energy.

3 Days in Turin

Morning: Our last day always starts at the Cinema Museum, our kids’ favourite place in the city. My little one is especially fascinated by the marionettes, and last time we went, my eldest came out with the announcement that she was going to be a moviemaker!

Afternoon: We love to explore either the Royal Palace or Superga on the last day to take in the most beautiful sights that Turin has to offer. No matter how many times we see the city’s architecture and/or natural wonders, it always takes our breath away.

Places to Visit Near Turin with Kids

As well as the delights in Turin, there’s plenty of family fun to be had nearby! Whether you want to drive, take public transport, or get a coach, there are plenty of activities waiting just outside the city for you and the family.

Gran Paradiso

gran paradiso, places to visit near turin, turin with kids

This national park is on the border with France, and it’s one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit near Turin. There’s natural rock climbing, bike paths, skiing, and snowshoeing.

If you’ve got older kids who love adventure, this is the place! It’s a little far – about an hour drive, 2hr train journey, and 3hr bus journey, but it’s totally worth it.

Day Trip to Milan from Turin with Kids

day trip to milan from turin, cathedral, italy with children

If you’ve got little ones who love fashion and festivals, colours and parties, a trip to Milan is a must and there are plenty of family activities.

This amazing metropolitan city is only an hour and a half away by train! If you’re driving, the route can take up to two hours. Several hotels also order coaches that get you to Milan and back to Turin in time for dinner.

Lago Maggiore

lago maggiore

The stunning lake isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s chock full of adventures and fun things to do! From a safari park to trampolines to the theatre, your kids’ heads will be spinning with all the exciting opportunities on offer. That’s not even mentioning the giant kid-friendly aqua adventure park! It’s a two-hour drive or four hours by train or bus, so it’s doable in a day – but it might be best for a two-day trip during a more extended Turin holiday.

How to Get Around Turin

Turin buses, trams, and trains allow easy access to anywhere in the city. They’re all run by the same company and usually run from 5 am until midnight, so you’re never stranded!

A public transportation ticket can be purchased in any metro station, newsstand, or from several other options. Each ticket is good for 70 minutes across any transport (there is also day passes). 

There’s also a subway and a bike-share program available and several taxis and driving options. If you want to drive, there’s car hire Turin airport has to offer as well as elsewhere.

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