What is The National Animal of Switzerland?

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Although Switzerland does not have an official national animal, several animals are considered iconic symbols of Swiss culture and heritage. These include the Alpine Marmot, the Alpine Ibex, the St. Bernard dog, and the Blackbird.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Switzerland or you just LOVE animals, kids will love to learn about these amazing creatures.

The Alpine Marmot

a furry animal sitting on grass, alpine marmot, national animal of switzerland

The Alpine Marmot is a large rodent inhabiting the Swiss Alps’ high mountains. Known for their social behaviour and playful antics, they symbolise Swiss wilderness and natural beauty.

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The Alpine Ibex

alpine ibex, national animal of switzerland

The Alpine Ibex is a goat species native to the European Alps. With striking curved horns and remarkable climbing abilities, the Ibex represents resilience and fortitude in Swiss culture.

The St. Bernard Dog

A Close-up Shot of a Saint Bernard Dog

The St. Bernard dog is a gentle giant famous for its role in Alpine rescue missions. These loyal dogs symbolize Swiss dedication to helping others and embody the spirit of selflessness.

The Blackbird

a group of birds sitting on top of a metal fence, swiss blackbird, what is the national animal of switzerland

The Blackbird is a common bird in Switzerland, celebrated for its melodious song. It represents the simple joys of life and serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of nature.

The Alpine Marmot, Ibex, St. Bernard dog, and Blackbird each hold a special place in the hearts of the Swiss people. These animals not only represent unique aspects of Swiss culture and values but also serve as enduring symbols of the country’s rich natural heritage.

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