What is the Best Luggage for Europe Train Travel in 2023

Europe has a fantastic rail system, but choosing the right luggage for Europe train travel can make or break your trip. Whether it’s a carry-on that fits snugly in the overhead bin, a lightweight backpack for those on-the-go moments, or a durable hard case for longer trips, the right piece of luggage can make all the difference.

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Best Luggage for Europe Train Travel Comparison

NameDimensions (CM)EasyJet Compatible (45 x 36 x 20 cm)Ryanair Compatible (40x25x20 cm)Volume (L)More Info
Samsonite C-Lite55x40x20NoNo36More Info >>>
Samsonite B-lite spinner46 X 71 X 32 cmNoNo83.5More Info >>>
Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack55.12 x 33.02 x 20.07 cmNoNo45More Info >>>
Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Roll Top Pack 45L58.4x33x30.5cmNoNo45More Info >>>
The Travel Hack Backpack40x20x25cmYesYes20More Info >>>
Away Luggage Carry-On55.1 cm x 34.8 cm x 22.9 cmYesNo39.8More Info >>>
CabinZero BackPack52 x 36 x 19 NoNo44More Info >>>
Cabin Max Metz 30 Litre Carry On Backpack45x35x20YesNo30More Info >>>

Samsonite C-Lite

My trusty Samsonite C-Lite set of a 75cm suitcase and a 55cm carry-on bag is an unbeatable combo of lightweight travel luggage. They’ve been by my side for four years of constant travel, including a three-month train journey all around Europe this past winter.

The C-Lite range was the lightest hard-case suitcase range in the world until recently, with the 75cm suitcase weighing only 2.8kgs/6.2lbs and the 55cm carry-on only weighing 1.9kg/4.2lbs, both significantly lighter than most other hard-shell cases. This means more space for packing gear that you actually need, and not having to lug extra kgs up and down train stairs due to unnecessarily heavy suitcases.

Samsonite has just released a new range which is even lighter, the Lite Shock, 75cm suitcase, is 2.5kg/5.5lbs and the 55cm carry-on is only 1.7g/3.75lbs, if you want to save even more weight.

Both bags have locks for the zips and I use a small luggage cable to connect through the handles and the luggage rack to ensure my suitcases don’t get moved or stolen. The interior of both bags is half-and-half, with the top half separated by a zipped luggage divider and the bottom half with elastic cross straps to keep your stuff stable and secure.

There’s also a small zipped pocket for keeping important stuff from floating around in your bag, the perfect spot for an AirTag or Tile if you want to track your suitcases.

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Samsonite B-lite spinner

If you’re traveling in Europe for more than a few days, you’re probably going to use a train at one point or another. Well, having a good piece of luggage will make your life easier while on the go, and this is why I recommend the Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner. With options ranging from the 55 cm one (the “big” cabin bag accepted even on RyanAir flights) to the 83 cm one that can fit everything you own and then some, you will find the Samsonite bag that fits your needs the best.

Why is it great for train travel in Europe though? Because it rolls like it’s flowing, this is how easy it feels. You can push it with a finger, even when full. This is amazing when you have to run after trains in crowded train stations or try to find your assigned train car on an old-style platform. Don’t let me even start on cobblestones you can find everywhere in some countries, for example in Portugal.

Another reason why Samsonite is your best bet for visiting Europe by train is the very high quality of the item. The company even offers a 2-10 years warranty because they trust their products this much. This will make your luggage more resistant to the lack of gentle movements while traveling by train. And let’s be honest here, no one is treating your checked bag nicely when flying either. If you want to check out more information and find out if this rolling suitcase is right for you, check out this detailed Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner review before you decide.

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Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack

The Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack is the perfect companion for travelers who are looking for extra peace of mind when traveling by train or on a road trip. This sturdy, lightweight backpack features an anti-theft design that includes slash-proof fabric and a lockable, tamper-proof zipper system. 

A combination of interior and exterior pockets also allow you to keep your items organized, while the adjustable sternum and waist straps provide extra comfort and support.

The bag’s anti-theft features are sure to put your mind at ease when traveling on a train, especially as pickpocketing can be an issue in some areas. The slash-proof fabric provides extra protection against theft attempts, while the lockable zipper system ensures your contents stay secure and safe. 

The bag also comes with an RFID-blocking pocket, preventing any unauthorised scans of your personal data. The backpack’s volume is 45 litre which is also allowed for use as a carry-on.

Overall, the Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack is a great choice for train travel, as it provides extra protection against potential theft attempts. Its lightweight construction, adjustable straps, and ample storage capacity make it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their belongings secure while travelling. 

With its anti-theft features and RFID-blocking pocket, the bag offers extra peace of mind that your items will stay safe during your journey.

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Recommended by Stephanie, Bey Of Travel

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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Roll Top Pack 45L

The Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Roll Top Pack 45L is an excellent choice for Europe train travel for several reasons. Its 45-liter capacity is perfect for carrying all your essential items without feeling too bulky. 

One of the key features that make this backpack ideal for train travel is its waterproof material. This pack is made of 100% nylon with a TPU film laminate and DWR (durable water repellent) finish making it 100% waterproof. This means that even if you get caught in a rainstorm or spill something on it, your belongings will stay dry and protected.

Another great feature of this backpack is its roll-top closure system. This allows you to adjust the size of the pack depending on how much you need to carry at final dimensions 58.4x33x30.5cm. In addition it is lightweight at 1,171g. The roll-top also provides an extra layer of protection against water and dust.

Finally, the backpack’s padded shoulder straps and removable waistbelt make it easy to carry around, even for long periods. And its size is perfect for train travel, as it fits easily into overhead compartments.

This backpack is a great option especially when you want to combine train travel and hiking, for example when visiting Cinque Terre.

In summary, the Patagonia Stormsurge is an excellent choice for Europe train travel because of its versatility, waterproof material, roll-top closure system, and comfortable shoulder straps and waist belt. It provides everything you need for a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

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The Travel Hack Backpack

There are several reasons why the Travel Hack Backpack is ideal for train travel in Europe.

Firstly, it’s small and lightweight, so you can keep it with you at all times (even when the luggage compartments are full on busy trains).

Its small size (it’s 20L, measuring 40x20x25cm) also means that this bag fits within Ryanair’s latest cabin bag restrictions. So if you’re also going on a plane during your trip, then you won’t need to check your luggage or pay extra for your ticket.

And finally, this bag has multiple compartments to help you keep your essentials organised.

The padded main compartment has two mesh pockets inside it where you can keep small items separate from the rest of your clothes and toiletries.

This backpack also features a deep pocket on the top of it making it easy to reach for small items like keys and sunglasses. There’s also a padded laptop compartment, a zipped front pocket, a water bottle holder and an expandable side pocket. Safe to say, you can fit quite a lot inside this little backpack.

The Travel Hack Backpack also features a stylish design, so it doubles up as a fabulous backpack for day trips and sightseeing once you’ve arrived at your destination. So there’s no need to carry extra luggage with you on the train.

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Recommended by Justine, Wanderers of The World

Away Luggage Carry On

The Carry-On from Away Luggage is the perfect companion for train travel in Europe. Whether you are traveling from London to Paris, or are on an epic Italy and Croatia trip, this suitcase has been designed with several features that make it a must-have for anyone looking to travel lightly and efficiently.

The Carry-On from Away is 55.1 cm x 34.8 cm x 22.9 cm, making it suitable for storing in overhead compartments or under seats. This suitcase is hard-sided and lightweight, meaning that it is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel while still being easy to carry around. The hard shell also protects your belongings from any potential damage during your trip, while the built-in lock gives you additional peace of mind that your items are safe and secure throughout your journey.

This suitcase is equipped with 360° spinner wheels which allow for effortless rolling in any direction. This feature especially comes in handy when navigating tight spaces on a train, or when you need to make a quick turn in a busy train station in Europe. Away also provides a built-in external battery, which is essential for anyone looking to stay connected during their travels. Not all trains will provide outlets or have any that are easily accessible, so the external battery ensures you can keep your devices fully charged at all times.

Offering a capacity of 39.8 liters, the interior of the bag is well organized, making it easy to find everything you need. There are straps to help compress your belongings as well as a built-in removable laundry bag (so you never have to worry about where you’re going to put your dirty clothes). In summary, the Carry-On from Away Luggage is the perfect companion for train travel in Europe.

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Recommended by Olivia, Inspired by Croatia

CabinZero BackPack

Whether you like to go on long weekends in Europe or even stay somewhere for a week or two, you can pack smartly into the CabinZero backpack and won’t drag around too much stuff.

The CabinZero travel backpack comes in many styles and sizes, here, however, I’m talking about my favorite 44L Military version. I’ve never had a problem fitting it on a rack above my train seat and it has happily accompanied me on many trips.

The compact size of CabinZero also fits most airline requirements for cabin luggage – it measures 52 x 36 x 19 cm and its size can be slightly modified using outside compression straps.

There’s a laptop pocket and two basic pockets. The emphasis here is on the lightness so expect no frills. To organize your things inside the main compartment, it’s smart to use packing cubes.

The bag is comfortable to carry. In fact, I even went hiking with it (the Military version has a basic waist strap) – and no, it’s not made for that but still works well. The looks are another great benefit, as the urban design is perfect for a city trip and won’t ruin a cute overall look. I’ve worn mine even with dresses and skirts. 

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Cabin Max Metz 30 Litre Carry On Backpack

Our family loves train travel and have completed many epic train journeys with our children including a month Interrailing around Europe. We use Cabin Max backpacks whenever we travel as they are more affordable than many other bags on the market and have proved durable over time. 

My personal bag is a hybrid Metz 30 litre backpack with wheels. I can carry it on my back up and down carriage aisles and rail station stairs and keep my hands free for helping the kids. However, when I am hot and tired, I can pull the bag behind me on wheels which also enables me to carry my kids backpack if needed. 

The bag weighs just 1.6kg and extensive padding makes it comfortable to wear as a backpack. It measures 45x36x20cm so it also fits many budget airlines’ carry-on rules, especially when using the compression straps. 

Like most Cabin Max bags, the Metz opens like a suitcase so it is quick and easy to find things and pack/unpack when needed. Plus, as it is a soft sided bag, it is easy to squeeze onto train luggage racks. I find the versatile front pockets extremely handy for keeping documents, rail tickets and games for the kids.  

I was very reluctant to switch from my beloved backpackers backpack to suitcase opening hybrid bags, but once I tried them, I was an immediate convert!

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