Guide to the 2 Macedonia Airports + Airports Near Macedonia (2024)

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Looking for the main Macedonia airports? Look no further. The Republic of North Macedonia is located in South-Eastern Europe, near Greece. It has two international airports and several smaller ones with multiple uses.

Macedonia is also easily accessed from airports in the surrounding countries. Here is some information on those you are most likely to use or come across when travelling to the country.

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How Many Airports are in Macedonia?

There are two international airports in North Macedonia: Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport and Ohrid “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport. However, there are twelve others with different uses.

The 2 Main Macedonia Airports

While Macedonia only has two international airports that you are likely to travel to and from (Skopje and Ohrid), multiple others have different uses. Below are a few examples of the different types of airports that exist in Macedonia for fighting forest fires and private flights.

Skopje Airport

Skopje Airport is the most obvious choice if you travel internationally to North Macedonia. It is located just outside of Skopje, Macedonia’s capital city, and has the code SKP. Another name for this airport is Alexander the Great Airport, so don’t get confused if you hear it referred to as that.

Skopje airport is the largest airport in the republic, with multiple options for passengers regarding restaurants and shops and a luxurious lounge.

Ohrid Airport

Ohrid Airport is another popular choice of the airport when travelling to Macedonia. It is colloquially known as St Paul the Apostle airport, using the code OHD. This airport, as you can gather from the name, is located in Ohrid, Macedonia, offering a range of services for those flying in and out, such as shops and a VIP lounge.

Airports Near Macedonia

If you were hoping to visit Macedonia but can’t find a cheap flight deal, you can always land at one of the nearby airports. The four listed below are the closest ones to Macedonia and are a selection for both domestic and international travellers.

Pristina Airport

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Pristina Airport is the nearest airport for international travellers. It is roughly 24km away from the country so would take over four hours to reach when travelling from the airport. This airport is known as Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari, with the code PRN for short.

Sofia Airport

sofia airport macedonia airports, airports near macedonia

Sofia Airport in Bulgaria is another airport near Macedonia; it is available to both international travellers and domestic. It is roughly 235km away from the country, so it will potentially take a lot longer to travel to Macedonia, but it is the second closest airport. The code that is used to identify Sofia Airport is SOF.

Thessaloniki Airport

thessaloniki, greece, Airports near Macedonia

Thessaloniki Airport or SKG is an airport in Greece is another airport near Macedonia which you can fly into on your journey. It is roughly 253km from the capital of Macedonia, taking roughly six hours to get between the two. Thessaloniki Airport has its own Wi-Fi for passengers, several shops, and a VIP lounge.

Tirana Airport

Tirana Airport, located in Albania, has an airport code of TIA. It is the furthest airport of the four listed here for travel to Macedonia, at 267km away. This means it could take roughly seven hours to get from the airport to wherever you were visiting.

How to Get to Macedonia from the U.S.

Travelling to Macedonia from the US is fairly straightforward. You can fly direct to Skopje Airport (SKP) from New York City’s JFK airport. Alternatively, you can also take a connecting flight with a stop-over in one of Europe’s major airports such as Vienna, Zurich and Frankfurt.

To make sure you have enough time for transit between flights, it is recommended that you check the layover times with your airline before booking your ticket.

Small Airfields and Private Airports in Macedonia

Here are the smaller airfields and private airports you will find probably only useful if you’re arriving by private jet:

Logovardi Airfield

Logovardi Airfield isn’t an airport you will be using when travelling to Macedonia; it isn’t commonly used for any aircraft. The airfield is found in Bitola and dates back to 1935, most recently used in 2007 when fighting wildfires nearby.

Kumanovo Airport

Kumanovo Airport is a Macedonia airport that you will only use if you charter a private jet. It isn’t commonly used for regular flights to and from the republic, sitting roughly an hour and a half from Skopje airport.

Prilep Airport, or Malo Konjare, is also located in Macedonia but is another sports airfield, so it is very unlikely that you will land here on your travels. It operates under the ID code PEP.

Štip Airport

Štip Airport is a small airport in Macedonia; again, it is not one you will be accustomed to flying into, especially from abroad, due to its size. The code for this airport is LW73. It is located 77km away from Skopje.

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Where do you fly into for Macedonia?

The airport most commonly used when flying into Macedonia is Skopje Airport. However, you can use Ohrid Airport as well.

How many airports are in Skopje?

There is only one airport in Skopje, and that is Skopje Airport, otherwise known as Alexander the Great airport.

What is the name of the airport in Macedonia?

The two international airports in North Macedonia: are Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport and Ohrid “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport. However, there are twelve other airports in Macedonia with different uses.

What country is SKP?

SKP is the airport code for the Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport, located in North Macedonia, just outside its capital of Skopje.

What airport code is OSA?

OSA is the airport code for Osaka’s Kansai International Airport in Japan. It is a regular location for flights travelling out of several airports nearby Macedonia daily.

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