Countries of Europe 2024 Quiz: 100 Questions and 10 Rounds

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These Europe quiz questions are sure to knock your socks off! With multiple choice answers to choose from, this countries of Europe quiz is sure to be a favourite. How many of you and your friends can find the correct answer?

For the smart cookies among you, you can add some more information to your answers – for example, if the question is “how many”, challenge yourself to name them, too!

geography, map, mediterranean, europe
A map of Europe to help you in the quiz!

Round 1: Europe General Knowledge

These questions in our Europe quiz test some of your basic knowledge about the European continent. From the longest river to populations, how many of these ten questions in our trivia quiz can you figure out without looking them up? Try this Europe quiz with your friends!

1. Which is the largest island in Europe?

a) Greece

b) Malta

c) Great Britain

d) Iceland

2. What is the smallest country in Europe by area?

a) The Vatican

b) Armenia

c) Malta

d) Cyprus

3. What is the largest country in Europe by area?

a) Ukraine

b) Romania

c) Russia

d) Lithuania

4. How many countries are on the European continent?

a) 44

b) 27

c) 50

d) 36

5. How many European countries don’t have any borders on land?

a) 3

b) 7

c) 9

d) 2

6. How many countries are part of the European Economic Community?

a) 27

b) 30

c) 44

d) 29

7. Which of these countries is NOT in the United Kingdom?

a) Northern Ireland

b) Scotland

c) The Republic of Ireland

d) Wales

8. What is the most densely populated country in Europe?

a) Vatican City

b) Italy

c) Malta

d) Monaco

9. Which is the longest river in Europe?

a) The River Danube

b) The Volga River

c) The Elbe River

d) The River Dnieper

10. What country is officially known as the Hellenic Republic?

a) Greece

b) Italy

c) Monaco

d) Czech Republic

Round 2: Europe Geography

Are you a geography buff? This trivia quiz will help you find out! Our specially selected quiz questions cover area, natural landmarks, the Mediterranean sea, border locations, and more!

Some countries aren’t geographically part of Europe but count as European anyway. These are Armenia, Greenland, and Cyprus. Some also cross into other continents: The Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

  1. What is the highest mountain in Europe?

a) Mont Blanc

b) Mount Olympus

c) Mount Dom

d) Mount Elbrus

2. What country in Europe has the longest coastline?

a) The United Kingdom

b) Greece

c) Norway

d) Monaco

3. What number of countries are landlocked (border only other countries and have no coastline)?

a) 14

b) 28

c) 9

d) 18

4. What countries cross the Asia – Europe border?

a) Russia and Turkey

b) Turkey and Armenia

c) Belarus and Moldova

d) Belarus and Turkey

5. Which is the highest mountain in the Alps range?

a) Mont Rosa

b) Mont Blanc

c) The Matterhorn

d) Mount Dom

6. Which of these does not have a coastline on the Mediterranean sea?

a) Greece

b) Albania

c) Portugal

d) Malta

7. How many inhabited Greek islands are there?

greece, skiathos, chora-2889115.jpg
The beautiful Greek Islands

a) 324

b) 1,200+

c) 227

d) 517

8. Which European country does not border Russia?

a) Poland

b) Belarus

c) Finland

d) Liechtenstein

9. What European country is technically in North America, geographically speaking?

a) Greenland

b) Portugal

c) Finland

d) Sweden

10. What are the smallest country and largest country entirely geographically in Europe?

a) Ukraine and the Vatican City

b) Russia and the Vatican City

c) Russia and Armenia

d) Ukraine and Armenia

Round 3: Europe Capital Cities

These trivia questions are all about cities! The next stop in our travel quiz takes you through questions about the capital city of various European countries, from London to Paris to Athens and every other European city to be called a capital. How many quiz questions can you answer?

1. What is the most populous capital city which is entirely in Europe?

a) Paris

b) Istanbul

c) London

d) Moscow

2. Which German city was the capital city of West Germany before it was reformed into one country under a united European capital?

a) Berlin

b) Bonn

c) Munich

d) Hamburg

3. What European city is the capital city of Austria?

a) Vienna

b) Riga

c) Geneva

d) Dusseldorf

4. London is the capital city of the whole United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the head city of what country within the UK?

a) Wales

b) Northern Ireland

c) Scotland

d) England

5. What Polish city is the capital city of Poland?

a) Krakow

b) Warsaw

c) Gdansk

d) Tarnow

6. The Netherlands is one of the only countries in the world to have more than one capital city – one for administrative purposes and one as the official capital. The official capital is Amsterdam, but what is the other?

a) Rotterdam

b) The Hague

c) Gouda

d) Haarlem

7. What European city is the capital city of Slovenia?

a) Ljubljana

b) Koper

c) Bratislava

d) Gdansk

8. Of which European country is Zagreb the capital city?

zagreb, cathedral, architecture-5306225.jpg
Zagreb – one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe

a) Belarus

b) Lithuania

c) Croatia

d) Bosnia and Herzegovina

9. What country of these is not officially in Scandinavia?

a) Greenland

b) Denmark

c) Iceland

d) Sweden

10. What city is considered around the world to be the capital city of Europe?

a) London

b) Athens

c) Paris

d) Brussels

Round 4: Europe History Quiz

These quiz questions take us into European history! Europe’s place in the world is very old, and these questions explore some of the impact from the Mediterranean and beyond.

1. Which of these was not an Empire?

a) The Austria Hungary Empire

b) The French Empire

c) The German Empire

d) The Italy Spain Empire

2. What year did the French Revolution start?

a) 1789

b) 1842

c) 1604

d) 1802

3. In what country were Ancient Rome and the Empire based?

facts about ancient rome
The ancient Roman Empire

a) Spain

b) Norway

c) Italy

d) Monaco

4. The first book to be originally published and printed in Europe was the Gutenberg Bible. In what European city and country was it printed?

a) Mainz, Germany

b) Hildesheim, Germany

c) Eisenstadt, Austria

d) Wies, Austria

5. What country in Europe is considered the “cradle of Western Civilization” across the world?

a) Bulgaria

b) Switzerland

c) Croatia

d) Greece

6. Which country of these is not in Southeastern Europe?

a) Croatia

b) Serbia

c) Poland

d) Bulgaria

7. In what country was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

a) France

b) Italy

c) Austria

d) Switzerland

8. When did the Kingdom of Italy become the Republic of Italy?

a) 1846

b) 1946

c) 1938

d) 1838

9. Which country was the birthplace of American Joseph Pulitzer, namesake of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature?

a) Poland

b) Czech Republic

c) Italy

d) Hungary

10. When was Iceland first discovered by Scandanavian settlers?

a) 866

b) 870

c) 842

d) 853

Round 5: Films Set in Europe

This part of the Europe quiz is a little different – it focuses on some of the movies, classic and modern, that are set in a country in Europe! Can you find the answers to our cultural Europe quiz?

1. In what country in Europe is The Sound of Music set?

a) Austria

b) Germany

c) Switzerland

d) France

2. Where was the mountaintop monastery in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only?

a) Mount Elbrus

b) Meteora

c) Mont Blanc

d) Ben Nevis

3. In Anastasia, what French city does the titular character travel to in order to meet her grandmother?

a) Lyon

b) Paris

c) Marseilles

d) Calais

4. Disney’s The Little Mermaid was based on a short story written by Hans Christian Andersen. In what city and country in Europe can you find a statue dedicated to Andersen’s Little Mermaid?

a) Copenhagen, Denmark

b) Oslo, Norway

c) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

d) Stockholm, Sweden

5. Where is Mamma Mia set?

a) Majorca

b) Greek islands

c) French territories

d) Corsica

6. In what country would you find the Hotel Transylvania?

a) Russia

b) Bulgaria

c) Romania

d) Belarus

7. In what city in Europe is the train station where Wanda and Vision meet up to fight an enemy with the other Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War?

a) Edinburgh

b) Dublin

c) London

d) Cardiff

8. Between which two real places in Europe is the fictional country of Genovia in the Princess Diaries series?

a) Italy and France

b) France and Switzerland

c) Italy and Austria

d) Switzerland and Germany

9. In what European area is Romeo + Juliet set?

a) Verona

b) Montpelier

c) Venice

d) Rome

10. Where in Europe is Rapunzel, the inspiration for Tangled, set?

a) Denmark

b) Germany

c) The Netherlands

d) The United Kingdom

Round 6: European Country Landmarks

These answers to these Europe quiz questions have a hint: a picture of the landmark is under the question! Will that be enough to help you find the answer?

1. Which of these is a landmark on Crete, the largest island in the Hellenic Republic?

a) Vikos Gorge
b) Imbros Gorge
c) Dimosari Gorge
d) Agali Gorge

2. In what country will you find Schönbrunn Palace?

vienna, austria, schonbrunn
Schönbrunn Palace – a beautiful palace

a) Austria

b) Finland

c) The Netherlands

d) Norway

3. What is the name of the most famous cathedral in Paris, about which Victor Hugo wrote a novel that was turned into a Disney movie?

a) Chartes

b) Notre Dame

c) Alsace

d) Mont Saint Michel

4. Where is Andreeyevskiy Spusk?

Andreeyevskiy Spusk, Europe

a) Kyiv, Ukraine

b) Moscow, Russia

c) Istanbul, Turkey

d) Tallin, Estonia

5. What is the name of the pyramid-shaped art museum in France?

A beautiful art museum in France

a) The Louvre

b) The Eiffel

c) The Triomphe

d) The Art d’France

6. How many degrees does the Tower of Pisa lean?

The leaning tower of pisa, france
The leaning tower of Pisa

a) 3

b) 7

c) 5

d) 16

7. Visovac Monastery in Croatia is pretty unique. Why?

Visovac Monastery , croatia

a) It’s on its own island

b) It’s now a concert venue

c) It’s a prison

d) It’s the biggest in the world

8. Where are the Golden Falls (Gullfoss)?

golden falls, a beautiful waterfall

a) Italy

b) Spain

c) Finland

d) Iceland

9. The Giant’s Causeway is in what country?

giant's causeway

a) Northern Ireland

b) Ireland

c) Scotland

d) Wales

10. Which is the official residence of the British Queen in Scotland?

The queen's residence, Scotland

a) Buckingham Palace

b) Windsor Palace

c) Holyroodhouse Palace

d) Balmoral Castle

Round 7: Name the Flags of European Countries

This round is a quickfire of European flags! This time, there are no multiple choice answers, so do your best to score highly on this part of our Europe quiz!

Can you draw the flag of…

  1. The UK
  2. The Irish Republic
  3. Denmark
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Scotland
  7. Estonia
  8. Georgia?
  9. France?
  10. Armenia?

Round 8: Travel in Europe

This section is a travel quiz for those who love to explore!

1. Which country is the origin of the 4th most spoken language in the world?

a) Belgium

b) Spain

c) Portugal

d) The United Kingdom

2. The TGV Lyria is one of the fastest trains in the world. The high speed train across Europe connects which two capital cities within three hours?

a) Paris, France, and London, England

b) Vienna, Austria, and Berlin, Germany

c) London, England, and Berlin, Germany

d) Paris, France, and Bern, Switzerland

3. Which of these is not a European airline?

a) Lufthansa

b) United

c) Wizz

d) SkyUp

4. What two countries does the Channel Tunnel connect?

a) England and France

b) France and Spain

c) Spain and Portugal

d) Italy and France

5. On what side of the road does most of Europe drive?

a) Left

b) Right

6. What is the most northern point in mainland Europe?

7. What is the most southern point?

8. What is the most eastern point?

9. What is the most western point?

10. Which city is half in Europe and half in Asia?

a) Istanbul

b) Moscow

c) Riga

d) Chișinău

Round 9: The European Union

Round nine is another quickfire! With nothing to choose from, can you find the answers by yourself?

europe, european union, flag-

  1. What’s the number of countries in the European Union?
  2. Which was the most recent member of the EU?
  3. What country recently left the EU in 2020?
  4. What were the first countries to join?
  5. What’s the official currency?
  6. How many countries in the EU do not use the official currency?
  7. What does the EU flag look like?
  8. What is the EU’s motto?
  9. What’s the largest EU country by area?
  10. What’s the smallest EU country by area?

Round 10: Things to do in Europe

Our last round! Select answers here to find the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are waiting all over Europe

1. Where is considered the best place to see the Northern Lights?

aurora, aurora borealis, northern lights
The Northern Lights

a) Scotland

b) Finland

c) Norway

d) Sweden

2. Where can you see a performance of fado music?

a) Portugal

b) Romania

c) Malta

d) Armenia

3. In which city can you see a Beethoven or Mozart composition played right where they lived?

a) Paris

b) Berlin

c) Hamburg

d) Vienna

4. Where will you see the Bolshoi Ballet?

a) Istanbul

lb) Moscow

c) Berlin

d) Paris

5. Where can you meet Santa’s reindeer in Lapland?

?a) Finland

b) Greenland

c) Iceland

d) Scottish Highlands

6. What country is home to Popeye Village?

a) Malta

b) Liechtenstein

c) UK

d) Iceland

7. What’s the name of the highest rollercoaster in Europe?

a) Zadra

b) Red Force

c) Shambhala

d) Hyper Coaster

8. What mountain that you can visit today was home to the Greek gods?

a) Parnitha

b) Olympus

c) Elbrus

d) Meteora

9. The Kingdom of Spain has the most Blue Flag beaches in the world. How many are there?

a) 126

b) 426

c) 626

d) 726

10. Where is the Black Forest, where many fairytales are set?

a) Germany

b) Greenland

c) Latvia

d) Austria

Countries of Europe Quiz Answers

Round 1:

  1. Great Britain
  2. Armenia
  3. Russia
  4. 44
  5. 3
  6. 30
  7. Republic of Ireland
  8. Monaco
  9. Volga
  10. Greece

Round 2:

  1. Elbrus
  2. Norway
  3. 14
  4. Russia and Turkey
  5. Mont Blanc
  6. Portugal
  7. 227
  8. Finland
  9. Greenland
  10. Ukraine and the Vatican City

Round 3:

  1. Moscow
  2. Bonn
  3. Vienna
  4. England
  5. Warsaw
  6. The Hague
  7. Ljubljana
  8. Croatia
  9. Iceland
  10. Brussels

Round 4:

  1. Italy Spain
  2. 1789
  3. Italy
  4. Mainz
  5. Greece
  6. Poland
  7. France
  8. 1946
  9. Hungary
  10. 870

Round 5:

  1. Austria
  2. Meteora
  3. Paris
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Greek Islands
  6. Romania
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Italy and France
  9. Verona
  10. Germany

Round 6:

  1. Imbros Gorge
  2. Austria
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Kyiv
  5. Louvre
  6. 5
  7. It’s on its own island
  8. Iceland
  9. Northern Ireland
  10. Holyroodhouse Palace

Round 7:

  1. Union Flag (Union Jack)
  2. The Tricolour (Bratach na hÉireann)
  3. Rigets Flag
  4. Tricolore
  5. Rojigualda
  6. St. Andrew’s Cross (Saltire)
  7. Sinimustvalge
  8. Five Cross Flag
  9. Tricolore / Tricolour
  10. Armenian Tricolour

Round 8:

  1. Spain
  2. Paris, France and Bern, Switzerland
  3. United
  4. England and France
  5. Right
  6. Cape Nordkinn, Norway
  7. Punta de Tarifa, Spain
  8. Ural Mountains, Russia
  9. Cabo de Roca, Portugal
  10. Istanbul

Round 9:

  1. 27
  2. Croatia
  3. UK
  4. Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  5. The Euro
  6. 8
  7. Blue background with 12 yellow stars in a circle
  8. United in Diversity
  9. France
  10. Malta

Round 10:

  1. Norway
  2. Portugal
  3. Vienna
  4. Moscow
  5. Finland
  6. Malta
  7. Red Force
  8. Olympus
  9. 626
  10. Germany

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