12 Cities That Start with K in Europe

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Whether you want to win a pub quiz or plan a European trip to unique destinations, here’s everything you need to know about the European countries and cities that start with K.

Cities in Europe That Start with K

Here are the Cities that begin with the letter K in Europe.

Kavala, Greece

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A picturesque city in northern Greece, Kavala is known for its historical sites, including the old fortress and the ancient ruins of Philippi. Kavala also has pristine beaches – perfect for families.

Kaliningrad, Russia

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A unique Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad—previously known as Königsberg—offers a rich blend of German, Polish, and Soviet influences.

While history enthusiasts can trace the footsteps of philosopher Immanuel Kant and marvel at the Gothic Königsberg Cathedral, families can enjoy its numerous parks and interactive museums.

Kolding, Denmark

Situated in southern Denmark, Kolding is famed for the majestic Koldinghus, a royal castle dating back to the 13th century.

Explore the city’s history at the castle, take nature walks in the Geographical Gardens, or engage in creative workshops at Trapholt Museum.

Kosice, Slovakia

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As Slovakia’s second-largest city, Kosice is a cultural centre boasting Gothic treasures like the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. The city’s medieval charm, combined with its lively events, make it a delightful destination.

Explore the cobblestone streets, discover unique festivals and visit the parks across the city.

Kaunas, Lithuania

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Lithuania’s second-largest city, Kaunas, is famed for its interwar architecture, preserved Old Town, and the iconic Kaunas Castle. The confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers also offers picturesque views, and some fantastic boat rides.

Kiel, Germany

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Kiel lies in northern Germany and is celebrated for its maritime heritage. The vibe here is nautical, from the Kiel Canal to the city’s naval museums.

Don’t miss the annual Kiel Week, a world-class sailing event. Take a boat tour through the Kiel Canal or even cruise to Norway or Northern Europe from here.

Kraków, Poland

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Kraków is a beautiful old city. It’s famous for its large market square where you’ll find the Cloth Hall, a place filled with shops and stalls.

Not far away is the Wawel Castle, a big old castle with cool stories. One of the must-sees is the Jewish district, Kazimierz, where you can learn about history and enjoy cozy cafes.

If you’re interested in serious history, there’s the Auschwitz tour, but it’s a heavy experience. For something fun, try a buggy ride around the old town or taste yummy Polish dumplings, called pierogi.

At night, the city is lively with music and laughter from many pubs and eateries. Kraków is a blend of history, culture, and fun times!

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Kotor, Montenegro

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Kotor is a dreamy coastal town itucked between green mountains and deep blue waters, it’s like a picture from a fairy tale.

The old town has narrow paths and ancient stone buildings. A big attraction is the City Walls – if you climb them, you’ll get an amazing view of the bay. Kotor is also known for its cats, and there’s even a Cat Museum!

If you want to relax, just sit by the bay and enjoy the view of ships and small boats. Nearby, there’s the Blue Cave where water glows in a special blue color. It’s a cool place to swim.

Kotor is the perfect mix of adventure, history, and chill-out spots by the sea.

The Bay of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the town itself, with its medieval structures and Venetian fortifications, offers a trip back in time.

Karlsruhe, Germany

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Known as the “fan city” due to its unique layout, Karlsruhe is a hub for science and technology in Germany. The ZKM Center for Art and Media and the stunning Karlsruhe Palace are must-visit attractions.

Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Klaipėda is a pretty coastal city in Lithuania. It has an old part of town with cute streets and old-style houses.

At the heart of the city is Theatre Square where you’ll find a special statue called “Taravos Anikė”. Want to see the sea? Take a boat ride from the Dane River or hop on a ferry to the Curonian Spit.

This nearby sandy area has big dunes and clean beaches. The city has cool museums that tell stories about castles and old-time blacksmiths.

Kyiv, Ukraine

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The capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, is renowned for its religious architecture, like the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Modern spots like Independence Square juxtapose this historical beauty.

Although the city is currently out of bounds due to war, it’s still one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, starting with the letter K.

Kristiansand, Norway

Dubbed Norway’s summer city, Kristiansand boasts sunlit beaches and diverse attractions.

Families can interact with animals at the city zoo, step back in time in Posebyen (old town), or relax by the Fish Wharf, making it a haven for a balanced vacation.

List of Cities Starting with K in Europe

  1. Kavala, Greece
  2. Kaliningrad, Russia
  3. Kolding, Denmark
  4. Kosice, Slovakia
  5. Kaunas, Lithuania
  6. Kiel, Germany
  7. Kraków, Poland
  8. Kotor, Montenegro
  9. Karlsruhe, Germany
  10. Klaipėda, Lithuania
  11. Kyiv, Ukraine
  12. Kristiansand, Norway

FAQs: K Cities in Europe

What cities start with the letter K?

In Europe, several cities start with the letter K. Some notable ones include Kavala in Greece, Kaliningrad in Russia, Kolding in Denmark, Kosice in Slovakia, Kaunas in Lithuania, Kiel in Germany, Kraków in Poland, Kotor in Montenegro, Karlsruhe in Germany, Klaipėda in Lithuania, Kyiv in Ukraine, and Kristiansand in Norway.

Is there a city that starts with K?

Yes, many cities worldwide start with the letter K. In Europe alone, multiple cities are starting with K, such as Kraków, Kiel, Kotor, and Kyiv, among others.

What place in the world starts with the letter K?

Several places in the world start with the letter K. Besides the European cities listed above, you have countries like Kazakhstan and Kenya and cities like Karachi in Pakistan, Kampala in Uganda, Kathmandu in Nepal, and Kyoto in Japan, to name just a few.

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