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Promote your brand to families who love to travel with our help.

What we could do for you

Destination Marketing/ Press Trips

Highlight a European City or part of a city to family travellers who love city breaks.

We love to explore new places and share them with our readers. This will increase both your brand awareness and online exposure on a personal level.

Our blog posts are fully optimised using SEO.

Product Reviews

Does your company have a product related to family city breaks that our followers would love? Send it to us and we would love to test it. Once we’ve used the product and we’re familiar we will write a blog post detailing our honest opinions of the product. We will also promote the product on further relevant posts and on our Facebook feed.

Brand Ambassador

We can promote your brand on our blog once we know and trust your brand. This will provide continued content marketing for your brand and a brand association with our audience.

Accommodation reviews

Do you own accommodation our followers would love to hear about? If your accommodation is baby/child-friendly drop us an email and we can discuss further. Following testing, we would write a blog post and promote the business on social media.

Attraction Reviews

Do you own an attraction suitable for families that our followers would love to hear about? Drop us an email and we can discuss further. Following testing, we would write a blog post/promote the business on social media.

Tour Promotion

If you’d like us to experience a family-friendly tour, we’ll write a detailed review on the blog as well as promote the tour on our social media channels.


Do you want to promote your travel-related brand to our audience? We have spaces available on our sidebar, footer and homepage for relevant advertisements. This will generate clicks through to your site and brand exposure to your target audience.

Guest Bloggers

Would you like to write a guest post on our blog? We would love to hear from you. This service is available free of charge. The post has to be relevant to Travels With Eden’s content.

Guest Posting on your blog/website

Want us to write a post on your blog/website?

We’re also happy to hear about other propositions that would be relevant to the site. Please note that all reviews will be based on honest opinions.

Freelance Content Creation

Do you like our writing style? Do you need something written for your website? Do you need a freelance writer for your blog? My rates are £50 per 1000 words. I’m also open to discussing custom packages to suit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’d like to work with us, please email

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