The 8 BEST Austria Christmas Markets to Visit in 2023 + Dates

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Looking for the best Austria christmas markets?

As the year winds down and the first snowflakes begin to grace the Austrian Alps, the country comes alive with a festive spirit that’s unparalleled.

Austria, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and classical music, transforms into a winter wonderland, offering some of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Europe.

Some of the most beautiful Christmas markets are in Austria. The country’s famous Christmas markets are a testament to the festive season.

From the sparkling streets of Vienna to the snow-capped towns of Tyrol, each market is a unique experience, steeped in tradition and bursting with festive cheer.

austria christmas markets

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Why You Should Explore the Christmas Markets in Austria

What makes the Austria Christmas markets different from other Christmas markets? You’ll find the Christmas atmosphere and festive spirit there are unlike anywhere else you can visit during the Advent season.

From late November, you’ll find the capital city of Vienna or another city like Salzburg transformed for the festive season.

The baroque lifestyle of the country is highlighted with glistening lights, Nativity sets, and international choirs, making it a beautiful setting worth visiting.

So why choose Austria at the top of your Christmas destinations list?

Austria Has Some of the Best Christmas Markets in the World

Popular opinion has consistently voted Vienna as one of the best cities in Central Europe to visit Christmas markets, and other cities aren’t far behind.

From the large Christmas tree in the main square to the handmade gifts and wooden stalls, Christmas in Austria 2023 is worth the trip.

The Advent Stalls Have Amazing Traditions

The traditional wooden huts that make up the best Christmas markets Austria has to offer are packed full of traditional handicrafts, handmade Christmas decorations, seasonal treats, mulled wine, and more.

A Winter Wonderland No Matter Where You Go.

From November through to January, the whole country of Austria transforms into a whirlwind of Christmas music, Christmas decorations, and winter cheer.

Most cities have an area dedicated to the winter market, and you’ll find all sorts of Christmas gifts everywhere you go.

There’s so much to see in Austria.

From natural history to royal court to winding narrow streets, every location in Austria offers something unique that will make your holiday to Christmas markets in Austria 2022 unforgettable.

Best Christmas Markets in Vienna

Of all the best Christmas markets in Austria, narrowing down the best can take a lot of work. Whether you prefer the most popular Christmas markets or the smaller ones Austria offers, there’s something for everyone.

Some of our favourites are listed below.

Viennese Dream Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus City Hall)

Viennese Dream Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus City Hall)

Viennese Dream Christmas Market 2023 Opening Dates: 11th November – 26th December

One of the best Christmas markets in Austria is the world-famous Viennese Dream Christmas Market. It’s the biggest of the Vienna Christmas markets in Austria, and right up until the day after Christmas, it transforms the city!

Christmas markets in Vienna are a big deal. There are over 20 Christmas markets in Vienna. However, the Christkindlmarkt is by far the biggest. It’s right on Rathausplatz Square in front of Rathaus City Hall in the city centre.

You’ll find over 150 stalls in this market, showcasing the best culinary delights and arts and crafts Vienna offers.

It’s worth a visit because the city of Vienna lights up after dark with Christmas lights in an unforgettable sight at the city hall. Just watch out for the crowds!

Entrance is free, and there’s a special market area dedicated to children who visit to make Christmas crafts, cookies, and other amazing sweet treats right at the foot of the city hall.

There are plenty of family-friendly places to stay nearby! Some of our recommendations include:

Christmas Village Belvedere Palace, Vienna

austria christmas markets, christmas markets in austria

2023 Belvedere Palace Christmas market Opening Dates: 17th November – 31st December

Against the beautiful baroque backdrop of Belvedere Palace, this Vienna Christmas market, running from mid-November through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, is a breathtaking sight.

Like other Vienna Christmas market options, you’ll find a whole variety of excitement waiting across more than 50 stalls, but the Christmas village brings unique Christmas gifts and a special twist on your visit to Vienna that you won’t find at any other Vienna Christmas market.

There’s even a little Christmas train to keep the kids entertained as you shop for your Christmas bits and pieces and drink mulled wine in front of one of the most beautiful landmarks in Vienna.

The Christmas Village also has other sites in Vienna, including the University of Vienna campus on the site of the old general hospital. The general hospital is also a monument to Vienna’s past, highlighted by the university and by the market.

Some of our recommendations on where to stay nearby include:

Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Market, Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Market, Vienna
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2023 Schönbrunn Palace Christmas MarketC Opening Dates: 18th November – 4th January

This Vienna Christmas market is known for its classic style. Right in front of the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace, it focuses heavily on arts and crafts and handmade gifts and goodies.

It’s exemplified by a giant Christmas tree right in front of the palace, creating a magical feel that you can only find at the best Christmas markets.

It’s also special in that after Christmas day, it keeps going through New Year’s Eve and beyond, remaining open as a New Year’s Market until January 4th.

This Vienna Christmas market is perfect for those with an artsy side looking to experience a classic Vienna Christmas.

Our recommendations for staying nearby include the following:

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Weihnachtsdorf on Maria-Theresien-Platz

2023 Weihnachtsdorf on Maria-Theresien-Platz Christmas market Opening Dates: November 15th – December 25th

This is one of the best Christmas markets in Vienna for those interested in the history of the city and Austria. It takes place between two important museums on Maria Theresien Square and is decorated by stunning lights and beautiful topiary.

Maria Theresien square is home to a 19th-century Art History Museum and the Natural History Museum. As a result, the Vienna market is filled with a mix of Christmas market magic and Vienna tourist experiences.

You can also experience the usual Christmas goodies at this Christmas market, from strudel to sausages to mulled wine. It’s also close to Hofburg Palace, another site not to be missed on any visit to Vienna.

You can stay at:

Christmas Market at Spittelberg, Vienna

2023 Spittelberg Christmas market Opening Dates: 16th November – 23rd December

The last Vienna Christmas Market on our list is like stepping back in time. The market is in a revitalised 19th-century historical area and weaves along the narrow streets as well as inside shops which take part in the market.

The history of Vienna is rife in this market, and it’s especially exciting for those with a sweet tooth looking for traditional Austrian treats. It’s one of the best Christmas markets to experience an authentic taste of how life has been in Vienna throughout the centuries.

In addition to mulled wine, sweets, and hot chocolate, you’ll find handcrafted jewellery made of silver and bronze to bring home as a unique souvenir.

Places to stay include:

More Amazing Austria Christmas Markets

The Christmas market season does not start and end in Austria’s capital, and elaborate Christmas market treats can be found all over.

The Christmas market options mentioned above in Vienna are only a sample of what the city has to offer. Outside of Vienna, though, there are many more market opportunities to explore.

The Christmas market options below are outside of Vienna, exploring the rest of the stunning country of Austria.

Christmas Market Under the Golden Roof, Innsbruck

Christmas Market Under the Golden Roof, Innsbruck

2023 Christmas Market Under the Golden Roof Christmas market Opening Dates: 15th November – 23rd December

Innsbruck is a skier’s paradise, and the Innsbruck Christmas market transforms what was already a winter wonderland into a lively, bustling place filled with festive cheer.

The beautiful Christmas market is in one of Austria’s safest, smallest cities, and the beauty of the mountains isn’t to be missed.

The highlight of the market in Innsbruck is the local delicacy known as kiachln, a sauerkraut doughnut! There are also plenty of fun experiences at the market for kids, including a stunning carousel. The whole city is walkable, so it is great for those looking for a full experience.

All of this takes place under the beautiful Goldenes Dachl, or golden roof of the Old Town of Innsbruck, a famous landmark and symbol of the city.

The Emperor used to watch festivals from the tower, and now the market falls under its gaze every Christmas.

Places to stay in Innsbruck include:

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Panoramic Christmas Market, Hungerburg, Innsbruck

Panoramic Christmas Market, Hungerburg, Innsbruck

2022 Christmas market Opening Dates: 24th November – 6th January

Austria Christmas markets have a special place in the European Christmas market experience because of how they bring the beauty of the country and its traditions into every gift, craft, or piece of food served.

This market takes it all in from the side of the mountains.

By taking a cable car up the mountain from Innsbruck, you can visit this smaller market on the mountainside and partake in many Austrian specialities while gazing over the landscape from above.

The breathtaking sight only gets more at night, when the Christmas lights below shine and the world come alive.

At the Hungerburg market, you’ll find plenty of delicious treats and beautifully crafted gifts. The cable car to the market runs directly from Innsbruck city centre and is an experience as it travels up the mountain in and of itself.

You can stay nearby in Innsbruck in hotels including:

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Salzburg Christkindlmarkt

salzburg christmas market

2023 Salzburg Christmas Market Opening Dates: 23rd November – 4th January

This traditional Christmas market in Salzburg is everything an Austrian Christmas market should be. It takes place in Salzburg’s Old City, a World Heritage Site, and its history winds back through time, all the way back to the 15th century!

The modern iteration of the advent market opened in 1974, and it has fulfilled every aspect of a traditional market since – food, drinks, gifts, music, entertainment, and more. The stunning lights and wooden huts only add to the atmosphere.

They also have special children’s events, like storytime, singalongs, parades, and more. There’s also the Christ child visit and a Krampus run for everyone – not to be missed!

In Salzburg, you can stay at:

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