14 FUN Halloween Destinations in Europe for Families in 2024

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Looking for the best halloween destinations in Europe?

Halloween is one of the most fun customs that no longer has any religious meaning. The other world has always occupied man, but Halloween today is just fun, especially for little ones.

The best Halloween destinations in Europe are those places with old buildings. This deep and disturbing past can be perfectly woven into the overall essence of Halloween.

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Why You Should Celebrate Halloween in Europe

Carving pumpkins and masquerading as various otherworldly creatures came from the USA to Europe under the name Halloween.

However, the custom did not originate in the USA but in Europe.

Halloween in Europe is different from the American one, children don’t go for sweets, but they tell scary stories along with pumpkin carving and masking.

So if you want to go searching for witches, giants, and fairies, you will celebrate Halloween in Europe.

Read below why the best places to celebrate Halloween are in Europe:

  • 44 different capital cities to celebrate Halloween in 44 different countries: In Europe, places for Halloween are numerous. Most countries have their own version of Halloween, letting children get to know various legends and customs. Halloween is an ideal opportunity to travel. Use it to visit Europe and visit its famous cities for Halloween. Celebrate in one of the 44 European countries.
  • Europe’s biggest Halloween party: Visit one of the cool Halloween places. The biggest European Halloween party in Northern Ireland, the city of Derry, and feel what it’s like when 100,000 monsters gather in one place   
  • Transylvania, Romania: Europe has Transylvania, where, according to legend, Dracula himself was born. Halloween breaks can not be any scarier than in Bran castle!
  • Transformation: Europeans know how to transform entire cities into scary and spooky places. Witness how Halloween in the city can romantic and old towns transform into imaginative places that tell a story, each with its own local Halloween customs.

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Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Halloween is increasingly popular in Europe, although not everyone is very enthusiastic about the importation of the holiday. It’s mainly older and adult people, while children and teens wholeheartedly accept celebration, masking, and decorating. Remember that Europeans know how to dress up and have fun.

To help you choose the best places to go for Halloween, keep reading for a list of the best places to visit for Halloween in Europe:

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#1 Halloween in London, England

natural history museum, london, halloween in london, uk

The magnificent capital city of the UK is the ideal place if you want to experience the best atmosphere of a city that seems to be haunted. London’s bloody history, old buildings, narrow streets, dark dungeons, and the memory of one of the most ‘famous’ serial killers, Jack the Ripper.

Halloween in London is celebrated with many mystique and spooky attractions, and you can find celebration on every corner. Take a tour of the London Dungeon, one of the scariest places in Europe. Be sure to book tickets in advance even though they sell out yearly. View prices and availability at the London Dungeon here >>>

#2 Halloween in the City of Brasov and Bran Castle, Romania

City of Brasov and Bran Castle, Romania

People worldwide come to celebrate Halloween in the castle of the infamous Vlad Tepes – Dracula. Although Bran Castle in Transylvania was never actually his castle, there is still debate about whether he ever stopped there. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the must-see places for Halloween.

You can take spooky tours through the country’s medieval castles, including Dracula’s former home.

Read our guide to visiting Bucharest with kids here >>>

Read about the best cities to visit in Romania here >>>

#3 Halloween in Dublin, Ireland

halloween in dublin

Ireland is the birthplace of modern Halloween because it originates from ancient Celtic and pagan rituals and the festival of Samhain (which marks the end of the bright half of the year).

Today in Ireland, Halloween is celebrated with bonfires, games, and traditional foods, such as barmbrack (a fruitcake in which coins, buttons, and fortune-telling rings can be found).

The Irish are masters of celebration, including Halloween. Dublin is one of the most famous European Halloween cities. There is never any shortage of things to do in Dublin on Halloween.

You can join one of the organized tours in Dublin, such as the free fairytale and folklore tour in Dublin, Bram Stoker Festival, Disco Bloodbath, or visit the most famous haunted houses in Europe, located in the vicinity of Dublin – The Hellfire Club.

#4 Celebrating Halloween in Manchester, UK

Celebrating Halloween in Manchester, UK

Manchester is a party mecca all year round, and Halloween is the night when mutants, monsters, and maniacs take over. Although there are many events in the city and also many family-friendly festivities.

Manchester’s Halloween events range from top-notch raves to one heck of a theme night, so don’t miss out on a haunted city tour or a monster hunt that pops up randomly around Manchester.

#5 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Halloween

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Halloween

Halloween isn’t widespread in The Netherlands, but more stores stock shelves with costumes and other holiday goods every year, and more Halloween-themed events pop up. Still, it’s one of the best places to go for Halloween.

If you visit Amsterdam, you will have a lot to see and experience. During Halloween, don’t miss the Freak Show festival. Dutch children have a native holiday of St. Martin as compensation for Halloween, so you can familiarize your family with this unique tradition.

#6 Edinburgh, Scotland Halloween

manchester, eve, modern, Edinburgh, Scotland Halloween

Edinburgh has a robust nightlife scene, with guides to the city’s spooky landmarks across Scotland. Like its London counterpart, the Edinburgh Dungeon offers Halloween tours with special events.

Enjoy bloody concerts, terrifying theatre performances, club events, film screenings, and more. Edinburgh is the best place to spend Halloween with teenagers.

#7 Celebrating Halloween in Venice, Italy

Celebrating Halloween in Venice, Italy

In recent years, Italy has gone crazy for Halloween.

Restaurants, cinemas, museums, and other tourist attractions all got into the action.

Halloween is an equally good time to visit this Italian pearl with the family, considering that it is not so cold, the lights are beautiful, and there are not too many crowds, so you will be able to see peacefully all the other sights Vinicius has to offer.

Thinking of visiting Venice? View the best places to stay in Venice for families here.

#8 Halloween in Prague, Czech Republic

square, prague, Halloween in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the Gothic capital city in Europe with incredible architecture, medieval streets, and enchanting castles.

If you ask the Czechs about Halloween, they won’t be enthusiastic. However, this city is made for these kinds of celebrations. In Prague, you will encounter numerous Halloween attractions such as the old Jewish cemetery, the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, the Sedlec Ossuary, and Charles Bridge.

Moreover, stories about vampires have long been present in Czech culture, as archaeologists have found considerable evidence of people taking various measures against the rising of the dead.

#9 Barcelona, ​​Spain Halloween Celebrations

Barcelona, ​​Spain Halloween Celebrations

You might be surprised to see Barcelona on this list, but you must know the fact that the Spanish are simply known for their way of throwing parties. If we add to this spectacular Gothic architecture like Barcelona, ​​it must be the coolest place to go for Halloween, right?

Halloween night offers a handful of options for you, great parties at some of the most prestigious clubs in the city, outdoor celebrations, beach events, and family shows at the Port Aventura amusement park. Also, the day after Halloween, Barcelona celebrates La Castañada and the Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) with events, street fairs, and traditional treats.

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#10 Halloween Festivities in Ostend, Belgium

 Halloween Festivities in Ostend, Belgium

Welcome to the Belgian city of Halloween! Every year, Ostend starts its celebration much earlier than any European or even American city. At the beginning of October, this place becomes covered with decorations, scary creatures, and creepy events.

And on Halloween night itself, which is also the night Houdini died, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Night of Magic in the Kursaal in Ostend. Don’t overthink.

Get in touch with the paranormal and be amazed by the sixth sense, thanks to the many illusionists who entertain you.

#11 Paris, France Halloween

 Paris, France Halloween

Halloween is not as deeply rooted a tradition in France as in the US, Canada, and Ireland. You won’t see many elaborate decorations, ghostly Halloween parades, or hordes of adults happily reliving their childhood on the streets of Paris. Halloween in Disney is especially interesting for kids if you go to Paris. It is the easiest way to satisfy children’s Halloween fantasies in Paris.

Meet and greet some of Disney’s deadliest villains, including Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, in her creepy undergrowth around the majestic castle. Maybe it’s not the scariest place in Europe, but it works for kids.

#12 Visiting Zagreb, Croatia for Halloween

zagreb, cathedral, architecture, Visiting Zagreb, Croatia for Halloween, best halloween destinations in europe

Zagreb is one of the “newer” Halloween cities. Many old tales about witches are associated with Zagreb. Upper City is exciting, where, according to legend, witches were hunted down and burned during the Inquisition.

One of the most original Zagreb tours, Upper cities witches, organizes a tour, especially for Halloween, on a slightly different route that leads up the dark stairs to the Museum of Torture.

After the tour, you can study and try out the devices that were once used to torture witches. One original Zagreb tour for Halloween is holding its most popular tour – Haunted Zagreb.

As you can see, there is no shortage of awesome attractions, and Zagreb is lovely in autumn. Zagreb is also on our list of the cheapest cities in Europe.

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#13 Bratislava, Slovakia

bratislava, slovakia, slovensko-4847792.jpg

Like elsewhere in Europe, Halloween is not a big deal in Bratislava. But the city’s appearance with historical buildings and castles gives Halloween a unique character. Some offers include various city tours, costume parties and horror films.

Discover More:

Facts About Slovakia

Bratislava Facts

#14 Berlin, Germany

berlin, brandenburg gate, night shot, best halloween destinaitons in europe

Berlin is Germany’s most famous city for Halloween. Halloween is primarily about fun with some elements of intimidation and horror. In Berlin, however, things have gone one step further.

You can visit dungeons, run through the night in the famous Halloween run, and participate in various spooky tours and costume parties.

Best Halloween Events in Europe for Families

Given that Halloween is not very popular throughout Europe. However, many cool Halloween places and events are slowly taking place under the sun. I will list eight events that will interest the whole family.

  • Dublin Halloween workshop: Make the scariest crafts with the kids and bring back unforgettable memories from Ireland.

Disneyland Paris Halloween Festival: Encounter scary and terrifying villains and heroes, or even a dragon.

Haunted Zagreb Tour: Get to know Zagreb’s forgotten souls and spirits that still roam the streets restlessly.

Prague – Guided Walking Witch Tour: A tour of Prague under the guidance of the magic wand of a real witch/wizard. Get on the broom and go! View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

The Park of the Monsters, Bomarzo, Italy: Find out for yourself whether the creatures in the park were made by humans or have a mysterious origin as you stroll through it!

Edinburgh Zoo Spooktacular: Halloween at the Zoo sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Get your tickets here >>>

Halloween Run Berlin: Running Through the Dark promises lots of action and fun for Halloween. You can choose from various long distances, followed by a contest for the best costume.


Which city in Europe is known for Halloween?

Corinaldo, Italy, is definitely the Halloween capital of Europe. Every year, the city’s heart is transformed into a Witch Festival.

Where should you go for Halloween, UK?

London and Edinburgh are the most popular, but there is generally a tradition of celebrating Halloween in the UK, so you won’t go wrong with less hyped tourist destinations.

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