The 12 Best Theme Parks in Belgium to Visit in 2024

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Looking for theme parks in Belgium? Look no further!

Belgium is home to some of the most thrilling, entertaining and magical theme parks in Europe.

With a plethora of attractions and activities for kids of all ages, these theme parks offer an unforgettable experience. From heart-stopping roller coasters to enchanting fairy tale lands, there’s something for everyone.

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What is the BEST theme park in Belgium?

The theme parks in Belgium have something unique and special to offer, but Plopsaland De Panne stands out.

The amusement park is very family-oriented, with varied attractions, shows, entertainment and rides for people of all ages. Plus, it has its hotel and campsite, and the popular waterpark Plopsaqua is next door.

#1 Plopsaland De Panne

✅ Family-Orientated

✅ Sutiable for All Ages

✅ Studio 100 Characters

Map of Belgium Theme Parks

The BEST Theme Parks in Belgium

Thrilling rides, dancing fountains, flying bikes, and wildlife sanctuaries – you’ll discover these and more in our list of the top theme parks in Belgium.

Plopsaland De Panne

⭐️ RATING: 4/5 (1,493 Reviews) |📍 Location: Adinkerke, De Panne| ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

Plopsaland De Panne is one of three Plopsa theme parks in Belgium, owned and operated by Studio 100. The Belgian production company has eight parks, Plopsaland De Panne being the biggest and most well-known

Located within the sprawling Plopsa resort, the park is famous for its themed attractions and shows featuring Studio 100 characters many Belgian children grew up with. However, it appeals to people of all ages with its diverse rides, dancing fountains, spectacular shows, petting zoos, and water adventures.

For daredevils and older kids, there’s the dizzying and high-speed roller coaster Anubis the Ride and the wooden coaster Heidi the Ride, which offers riders an enchanting view of the park. Aspiring Vikings should try the Big Wave. For something uniquely magical, get on the Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland, the first spinning coaster in Europe.

The park has plenty of dining venues serving food and drinks the whole family can enjoy.

A favourite among families is the Plop’s Woods, a relaxing boat trip through a breathtaking gnome forest. Other attractions include a log flume ride, a suspension bridge, bumper cars, and a train tour across the park.

Additional Info:

  • Plopsaland de Panne is close to the French border, with the Veurne as its nearest city, just a 12-minute drive away. The chief public transport is the tram that runs along the Belgian coast. The railway station, with direct connections from Antwerp and Ghent, is a walking distance of the park. You canpurchase your train tickets here >>>

• Are you visiting for a few days? You can stay at the Plopsa resort. Accommodations include the Plopsa Hotel and the Plopsa Village, a family camping site with motorhomes, caravans, and pitches.

• Consider spending at least two days at Plopsaland De Panne to experience all the attractions. You can get season tickets that allow you to access other Plopsa parks, including Plopsaqua, one of the best water parks in Europe.

• The operating season is from April to January. Many attractions close during winter, but you can still visit Mayaland, the indoor section of the theme park.

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Walibi Theme Park Belgium

⭐️ RATING: 3.5/5 (2,270 Reviews) |📍 Location: Wavre, Wallon Brabant

Walibi is one of the most popular destinations and theme parks in Belgium. It mainly targets families, luring visitors with its various activities and attraction all ages can enjoy.

With over 50 attractions, including nine roller coasters and three water rides, Walibi is full of adrenaline-fueled adventures. Thrill seekers will love the hair-raising Calamity Mine, the loopy Psyké Underground, the gravity-defying Vampire, the twisty roller coaster Werewolf, and the 77-high free-fall Dalton Terror. Check out the Radja River rafting adventure or the 45-m Pulsar for fun in the water.

However, Walabi is not only for daredevils. It also has many fun events and amenities for younger children. These include spacious playgrounds, lively merry-go-arounds, bumper cars, and mini-tours on a little train.

Additional Info:

Walibi is in Wavre, around 30 minutes from Brussels if you travel by car. You can get to Walibi from Brussels by bus (2 hours) or train (one hour – Get your train tickets here).

• Open on Thursday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, Walibi can get very busy, especially on weekends. To skip the long waiting time, visit on a weekday or consider getting a special pass. Walibi also offers season tickets which give you access to the adjoining water park Aqualibi.

• Walibi Amusement Park Belgium doesn’t offer onsite lodgings, but there are plenty of family-friendly places to stay nearby. Check out these accommodation options.

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⭐️ RATING: 4/5 (1,251 Reviews) |📍 Location: Zillebeke, West Flanders, near Ypres

Is Bellewaerde a zoo or a theme park? The answer is it is both. First opened in 1954 as a wildlife safari, it underwent a thorough makeover in the 80s. It evolved into an amusement park with thrill rides, live shows, gorgeous gardens, and fascinating animals.

Named after a castle on site, Bellewaerde spans 54 hectares and boasts manicured landscaping, mixed attractions including five roller coasters and 4D movies, and a savannah-themed area for tours.

Adrenaline seekers will love the Screaming Eagle, Boomerang, and Pirate Boat. At the same time, families will enjoy Dawson’s Duel, Wakala, and Houdini’s Magical House. Don’t miss the Bengal Express, a train ride that takes you to see lions and tigers up close. Go on an expedition with the Jungle Mission to spot capybaras, coatis, flamingos, and parrots.

Other animals in the wildlife park include giraffes, zebras, monkeys, leopards, and various birds.
Other Information

Additional Info:

  • Ypres, the nearest city to Bellewaerde, is about a 2-hour drive from Brussels. To get there by public transport, take the train to Station Ypres, then the Lijnbus 84. Get your train tickets here

• There are no accommodations within the park, but the surrounding areas have many family-friendly hotels and rentals. Check out these options for an overnight stay.

• Bellewaerde belongs to the same group as Walibi. You can get unlimited access to both parks with a Family Golden Pass. Some tickets allow you to enter the adjacent Bellewaerde Aquapark.

• Bellewaerde is open from April to October and a few weeks during Christmas and New Year.

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Mini Europe

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 (1,180 Reviews) |📍 Location: Brussels | ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

belgium, brussels, aerial view

There are no rollercoasters in Mini Europe. But what this Brussels theme park lacks in thrill rides, it makes up for with its immersive exhibits and realistic replicas of iconic European landmarks. Here, you can tour Europe in less than two hours and admire miniatures of 350 monuments from around 80 cities across the continent.

While most of the visitors to Mini Europe are adults, its interactive attractions make learning about history, arts, and culture fun and exciting for kids. There are live-action models of trains, ships, cable cars, mills, an animation of the Bells of Stockholm, and an erupting Mount Vesuvius.

Kids can command Roman legionnaires, knock down a portion of the Berlin Wall, or frighten invading Vikings. At the end of the tour, they can join multimedia games and quizzes to test or enrich their newly-gained knowledge.
Other Information:

Additional Info:

• Mini Europe lies on the outskirts of Brussels, about 30 minutes from the city centre. You can easily reach the park by train, tram, or bus.

• To maximise your time, combine your Mini Europe itinerary with a visit to the Atomium, the Planetarium, and the Design Museum. Check out the hop-on hop-off guided city tour of Brussels, with a drop-off at the theme park.

• The park season is from March to October. Opening dates and hours are subject to change. Tickets include a guidebook in several languages.

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⭐️ RATING: 4.88/5 (91 Reviews) |📍 Location: Lichtaart

Tucked away in the idyllic village of Lichtaart, Bobbejaanland is a hidden gem among the theme parks in Belgium. Only a few tourists have heard of it, but it’s a favourite among locals with its brilliant mix of rides and fantastic shows for the whole family.

Bobbejaanland is home to around 50 attractions. Naga Bay, the Dream Catcher, Sledge Hammer, and Typhoon are intense rides that impress even the fussiest thrill seekers. Younger children can try the moderate and 100% kid-proof Okay Doki, the world’s longest junior roller coaster. If you don’t mind getting wet, check out the Wild Water Slide, Indiana River, and El Rio.

One good thing about Bobbejaanland is that it’s compact, and the attractions are relatively near each other. You can easily explore the entire park without spending hours walking around. The amusement park also hosts mind-blowing shows and events daily.

Additional Info:

• Bobbejaanland lies between the cities of Hasselt (45 mins away) and Antwerp (50 mins away). The best way to get there is by train. Once you arrive at the Herentals station, take a shuttle bus to the park. Get your train tickets here >>>

• There are plenty of family-friendly places to stay nearby. Check these accommodations near Bobbejaanland.

• The park is open year-round and is popular with Dutch visitors because of its proximity to the Netherlands. If you want to avoid the crowd, schedule your trip on a weekday.

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⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 (1,120 Reviews) |📍 Location: Mechelen


Founded in 1956 as a sanctuary for sick and injured animals, Planckendael is one of the best wildlife parks in Belgium. It spans 42 hectares and, along with its sister park Antwerp Zoo, houses more than 7,000 animals from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Unlike in some zoos where animals are in a cage, Planckendael has spacious enclosures which try to mimic the original homes of the animals.

Kids can participate in the daily animal feedings, walk with penguins and monkeys, or watch a birds-of-prey show. In addition to the playgrounds, the park has a treetop trail, a floating harbour, and an obstacle course with a jumble of ropes, rotating beams, and nets.
Other Information:

Additional Info:

• Located in Mechelen, Planckendael is a 10-minute drive from Brussels and a 25-minute drive from Antwerp. There are two railway stations close to the park. At the Mechelen station, take the express bus to the zoo. The Muizen station, on the other hand, is a walking distance of Planckendael.

• The park is open year-round. However, most animals stay in their indoor enclosures during the cold winter months. Summer is the best time to visit the zoo, especially if you don’t mind the crowd.

• Five to six hours is enough to see all the park’s attractions without being rushed.

• Planckendael is a sister park of Antwerp Zoo. Some tickets allow you unlimited access to both parks.

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Plopsa Indoor Hasselt – Perfect for Younger Kids

⭐️ RATING: 3.5/5 (352 Reviews) |📍 Location: Hasselt

Erratic weather should not stop you from enjoying the theme parks in Belgium. Plopsa Indoor allows you to have wonderful family time, rain or shine. Covering an area of 10,800 sq meters, of which 8,800 sq meters is enclosed, the partially covered amusement park is the first of its kind in the country and features 24 outdoor and indoor attractions.

Like Plopsaland De Panne, Plopsa Indoor teems with Studio 100 characters. Still, unlike the more expansive park, it doesn’t have many spine-chilling rides. Most of its activities cater to young kids. Still, you can experience stomach jitters with the Wickie Coaster, the K3 Whirligig, and the Lighthouse.

Be sure not to miss the Theatre, where kids can watch shows featuring beloved Plopsa characters, particularly Bumba. Other attractions include the K3 Traffic Park, Dancing Fountains, Flying Bikes, the Ducks, the Frogs, and the Climbing Mountain. There are also bumper cars and playgrounds.

Additional Info:

– Plopsa Indoor is in Hasselt, a little over an hour’s drive from Brussels. Several buses travel directly to the park. The nearest railway station is Hasselt Station, where you can take a free bus ride to Plopsa.

• The theme park is open all year round and hosts special events and shows during summer and Christmas weeks. Check the schedule before you visit, as some attractions close during quiet days.

• Plopsa Indoor has indoor and outdoor picnic areas and several eateries.

• For family-friendly accommodations nearby, check here.

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Plopsa Station

⭐️ RATING: 4.88/5 (91 Reviews) |📍 Location: Antwerp | ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

Studio 100’s latest addition to their Plopsa parks, Plopsa Station, reopened in 2021 after two years of revamping. The indoor park features 14 new attractions, including adrenaline-pumping rides like the Storm at Sea, Bob and Bobette Racing Circuit, and Wickie’s Falling Tower.

Fans of the Smurfs will love the Smurfs’ Adventure, an exciting family-friendly ride that takes you to the land of these charming blue creatures. Kids will love the interactive shooting adventure in an old cowboy town in Lucky Luke Express. Then, they can burn off any extra energy scrambling, jumping, sliding and twisting in Maya’s Playground.

Other Information:

Located at Antwerp Central Station, Plopsa is easily accessible by train, though bus and tram are good public transport options. The indoor park is about a 50-minute drive from Brussels.•, Unlike the other Plopsa parks, Plopsa Station is a relatively quick visit, and three to four hours is generally enough to enjoy the attractions. You can spend the rest of your day touring Antwerp with kids.
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Antwerp Zoo

⭐️ RATING: 4/5 (2,046 Reviews) |📍 Location: Antwerp | ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

a hippopotamus in water, belgium theme parks, antwerp zoo, things to do in belgium with kids, zoos in belgium

A picturesque urban oasis, Antwerp Zoo opened in 1843, making it the oldest animal park in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world. It is the sister park of Planckendael, and together both locations house over 7,000 animals

The zoo plays a vital role in preserving and breeding endangered species, such as the bonobo, golden tamarin, okapi, Knysna seahorse, and Przerwalski horse. Kids will enjoy watching the feedings and the sea lion shows. They can also learn about the park’s conservation efforts.

Antwerp Zoo is known for its beautiful architecture, old buildings, and stunning gardens, which include a tropical greenhouse. There are guided tours and heritage walks.
Other Information:

Additional Info:

• Travelling by train is the easiest way to reach Antwerp Zoo from anywhere in Belgium, as it is at the Central Station. If you prefer to drive, Antwerp is an hour away from Brussels. Get your train tickets here >>>

• The zoo is open all year round from 10 am to 6 pm. If you have a membership pass, you can enter the zoological gardens an hour earlier and hear the sounds of animals waking up sans the noisy crowd.

• There are several day trips and city tours from Brussels to Antwerp, and the zoo is a must-see if you’re visiting Antwerp with kids. During winter, the park typically holds a China Light festival.

• Here is a list of family-friendly places to stay in Antwerp with kids:

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LEGO Discovery Centre Brussels

⭐️ RATING: 4/5 (10 Reviews) |📍 Location: Brussels | ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

There is something about Legos that excites kids and kids at heart. At the LEGO Discovery Centre, you can bring your imagination to life with over two million bricks. Though not exactly a theme park, this indoor playground is as close as it gets to a Legoland Belgium, with its fun activities, unique rides, workshops, and interactive play areas.

The LEGO Discovery Centre has 12 zones featuring various attractions to keep kids busy and entertained. Travel through an expansive LEGO world of space pirates and a massive bubble bath in Imagination Express. Scale walls and escape a laser maze in Hero Adventures, then build your own designs with the help of experts in the Creative Club.

DUPLO Park is perfect for children five years old and under. Little ones can go duck fishing, ride a dinosaur carousel, and spin the construction wheel.

Don’t miss the 4D Cinema. With its super-realistic special effects, such as rain, snow, wind, bubbles and lighting, you are in for a uniquely immersive big-screen experience.

Other Information:

Additional Info:

• LEGO Discovery Centre is on the ground level outside Docks Bruxsel, a shopping mall in Schaerbeek, in the northern part of Brussels. You can get there from the city centre by train, tram, or bus in about five minutes.

• The LEGO Discovery Centre is not a typical theme park. It is more of an indoor playground for kids between two and ten years. Most of its facilities and amenities are unsuitable for adults and older children. For this reason, it doesn’t allow adults without children.

• LEGO Discovery Centre is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. When buying a ticket, you should choose a time slot as the centre limits the number of guests to prevent overcrowding and queuing, especially on peak days. Generally, two hours is enough to explore LEGO Discovery.

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SEA Life Belgium

⭐️ RATING: 3.5/5 (913 Reviews) |📍 Location: Blankenberge | ✅ Get Your Tickets Here

Whether or not marine life fascinates you, you will be captivated by the adventures SEA Life offers as it takes you on an enthralling trip from the exotic Amazon to the world’s oceans. With 50 aquariums, this animal park is home to over 2,500 sea and freshwater animals.

SEA Life has several zones, including Amazonia, Tropical Area, Ocean Tunnel, Stingray Basin, and Seals and Sea Lions Habitat. Kids can marvel at marvellous sharks in the massive shark tunnel, observe the notorious piranhas in their tank, meet the super goofy penguins, and watch the playful otters.

SEA Life is not just an aquarium or a park. Since it opened in 1995, it has rescued and sheltered hundreds of seals. It is also a wildlife breeding sanctuary for sick, injured, and endangered species.

It continues to preserve threatened marine animals such as sharks, stingrays, seahorses, and king crabs.
Other Information:

Additional Info:

SEA Life is in the seaside city of Blankenberge, about two hours from Brussels by car. You can get to the animal park by coastal tram (get off at the SEA Life Floréal stop) or train (get off at the Blankenberge Station – Get your train tickets here.)

• You have to book a time slot when you purchase your ticket. It ensures that there is no overcrowding in the park. Opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

• The park sells snacks and drinks, including chips, ice creams, candy and slushies. It doesn’t sell full meals. There are outdoor spaces with tables and chairs where you can eat, but the seats are limited.

• Are you staying in Blankenberge overnight or for a few days? Check out these child-friendly accommodations.🤩 Check Prices Here! 

Plopsa Coo

⭐️ RATING: 3.5/5 (459 Reviews) |📍 Location: Coo, Stavelot

Not another Plopsa park, you say, but Plopsa Coo is unique from its sister parks. First, it’s near the Coo Waterfalls, the largest natural waterfall in Belgium. Second, it’s surrounded by lush greenery, making it the perfect escape from the bustle of the city.

Plopsa Coo has 25 attractions, including the exhilarating roller coaster Vicky the Ride and the gripping Mega Mindy Flyer, which takes riders flying on a high swing 67 meters above the ground. Be surprised with quick, unexpected splashes in the Dino and Maja Splash.

Kids can also go karting, test their skills at the mini golf, try their luck with duck fishing or meet the naughty monkeys on Monkey Island.

Additional Info:

  • Plopsa Coo is about an hour and a half drive from Leuven, the nearest city, and around two hours from Brussels. The most convenient way to reach Plopsa Coo from anywhere in the country is by train. The station of Coo is a short walk from the park’s entrance. Get your train tickets here >>>

• If you plan to stay overnight, check out these kid-friendly places near Plopsa Coo. The park doesn’t offer onsite accommodations.

• Plopsa Coo is a small and compact theme park. A full day here is enough to see and try all the attractions. If you have time to spare, check out the Coo Waterfall, a 10-minute walk from the park.

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The theme parks in Belgium are among the best in the world and a must-visit, especially when you’re in Belgium with kids. Some you can tour with a quick day trip, while others require at least a few days to explore. Whatever your itinerary, you’ll find one with activities and attractions for the entire family. After all, who doesn’t love amusement parks?

Theme Parks in Belgium FAQs

Is there a Disney World in Belgium?

Belgium does not have a Disneyland, but it has plenty of theme parks that are just as fun, with all kinds of attractions, lovable TV characters, spectacular shows, water adventures, and thrill rides. If you want to visit Disneyland while in Belgium, you can head to Disneyland Paris, which is merely two hours away by car.

Is Energylandia the biggest park in Europe?

Disneyland Paris is the biggest theme park in Europe in terms of land area and the number of visitors. The theme park spans 2230 hectares (22.3 km²) and receives an average of 15 million visitors yearly. Europa-Park Germany is second on the list, with a land area of 95 hectares and 6 million guests annually.
At 70 hectares, Energylandia is Poland’s biggest theme park. It has 123 attractions and welcomed 1.8 million visitors in 2021 alone.

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