BEST Things to Do in Bratislava with Children + 2024 City Break Guide

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Combine a short family holiday in Europe with a city break in Slovakia’s capital city. Bratislava is an ideal destination for couples and families who want to experience European culture and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Children will especially love visiting the historical centre of Bratislava, where they can admire buildings from different periods below the imposing castle Bratislava, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Top 10 Things to do in Bratislava with Kids

Here are the best things to do in Bratislava for children:

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We Recommend:

Budget – Botel Dunajsky Pivovar 

Mid-Range – Hilton DoubleTree hotel

Splashing Out – River Park Grand Hotel 

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Top Experiences and Tours

  1. Bratislava Hop on Hop off Bus

#1 Bratislava Old Town

Bratislava old town, bratislava city break
Bratislava Olt Town (Credit: Joel Bradford)

Let’s start with one of the top attractions, the historic centre of the Slovak capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Town centre is full of historic buildings, cobbled streets and pleasant cafes.

All ages will enjoy a walk through Bratislava, so you might want to start on SNP Bridge, where statues honour people who contributed to Slovakia’s history.

#2 Pribin’s Cave

For the next top thing to do in Bratislava, take your family to see the Pribin’s cave. Find out the story of Peter Pribine, who created it and why he made this fantastic discovery.

But if you can’t wait until your visit to discover all about this awe-inspiring place, here is a summary: A group of kids was playing by the river when they noticed water emerging from under the ground!

Not knowing what it was, they decided to explore where it came from. When they dug further into the ground, they found a fantastic cave that led underneath Old Town.

#3 Lipnickemu ostrovi

Have you ever heard of Lipnickemu ostrovi? It is one of the top things to do in Bratislava to visit the tip-top point of Bratislava.

There is a glass lift taking you straight up to the top for amazing views over Slovakia’s capital. Lipnickemu ostrovi, or “Devil’s Island”. You can learn how this top place got its name and what attractions are waiting for you at the top.

#4 Lipnickemu ostrovi Museum

You might have heard about top things to do in Bratislava, but did you know that Lipnickemu ostrovi is the only museum dedicated exclusively to WWII?

A visit will teach you all about Slovakia’s biggest rebellion against Nazi Germany between 1939 – 1945. If you are ready for more top things to do in Bratislava, take your kids here and be amazed by what you will see!

#5 Kramar

Looking for top amusement park attractions in Bratislava? Then look no further than Kramar, where there is plenty of fun for everyone. For those who like roller coasters, there is a looping ride called Vodný Hándžik (Water Handler), and also a top attraction for younger children called the Zábavný park (Fun Park).

#6 Bratislava Zoo

Bratislava zoo
Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

Bratislava Zoo top things to do in Bratislava offers a wide variety of animals, including some top predators, just like you would find at any other zoo. So if your top things to do in Bratislava include seeing top predators like lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), this is a must-visit family place!

Animals are kept in good conditions here, so they look happy and healthy, which will make kids feel better about their trip.

#7 Slavin Ice Rink

If you are looking for top places to ice skating in Bratislava, head out to Slavin Ice Rink! If you can’t skate, don’t worry as you can join top things to do in Bratislava by taking skating lessons.

But no matter which top attraction you choose, ice skating is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy!

#8 Chatam Sofer Memorial

Looking for top things to do in Bratislava with kids? Then head out to see Chatam Sofer Memorial at Zelný trh (the Green Market).

Have you ever heard of this fantastic rabbi born in 1762, and his father was also a great rabbi? On your visit, discover why he is called “The Guardian of the Spirit” and discover what top attractions are related to him.

#9 Bratislava Castle

Bratislava castle, Bratislava city break
Bratislava (Credit:

If you want top historical attractions, look no further than Bratislava Castle, one of the top things to do in Bratislava. This top attraction is located on top of a hill and offers fantastic views of the city! As you climb top attractions open to visitors, explore the castle’s museum and be amazed by its past.

#10 St Michael’s Gate

To finish your top ten things to do in Bratislava with kids, visit St Michael’s Gate, a historical site for all ages. During your trip, you can enjoy top architecture or simply relax at one of the cafes or restaurants located within it.

Where to Eat in Bratislava with Kids

When in Bratislava, you cannot miss trying some traditional Slovak food. However, when it comes to eating out with kids, one of the best things is that many Slovak restaurants offer good quality food while also catering for children.

slovakia, bratislava

Gatto Matto

Gatto Matto has won several awards, including TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence 2018 for excellence in Food & Service, Best Restaurant – B category by Slovenská Slow Food, Best Pizza in Slovakia 2016 and a Certificate for Fair Trade.

The casual Italian atmosphere is a great place to eat with children. There are no reservations, so be prepared to wait or come early if you need a table at the weekend. The service is prompt and friendly, making sure you have everything that you need throughout your meal.


If you are interested in some traditional Slovak food, Berg is a must! The Berg restaurant is located in the Old Town of Bratislava, famous for its buildings representing different architectural styles.

From the windows of Berg, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the historical centre during day or night. They have an exciting menu featuring Slovak dishes and also some international options, all very tasty! But what makes Berg unique is their lovely outdoor terrace tucked between the historical houses.

When there are not too many people around, it feels like you are sitting in your little yard – you can hear birds singing, see the flowers growing on the wall, it’s even possible to pick some fruits from trees. Kids love that outdoor environment! It’s the ideal place to take children if you are looking for a more casual dining experience.

Námestie Slobody

For a budget meal, try the restaurant Námestie Slobody, one of the most popular, reasonably priced places. This restaurant offers mainly Tex-Mex food, but their burgers are pretty good too. I know it’s hard to tell from the name, but they do serve alcohol here. The prices for the main dishes are €5 – €10, which makes everyone happy at our place.

The food is always fresh and tasty. The staff is very friendly, and they were the first to bring us a high chair on request (without having to ask for it twice). They also have free Wi-Fi, which everybody will appreciate. There’s plenty of room inside and on their big terrace where kids can run around without getting in the way of other guests.

If you like authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and aren’t afraid of some chilli heat – you’ll enjoy your stay here!

Where to stay in Bratislava

There are many places to stay in Bratislava to suit all budgets and family sizes. Here are our top picks:

Budget: Botel Dunajsky Pivovar

Botel Dunajsky Pivovar isn’t your typical hotel! The name says it all: it’s a botel! It’s right in the centre of Bratislava, right on the Danube river, so it’s also really close to all the landmarks and sights you want to visit while exploring Bratislava with children! Sleeping on a boat is an excellent experience for kids.

Not only the original way to experience the city – it has extra comfy rooms that offer a crib on demand! You can also enjoy a great beer on the ship’s deck while the kids enjoy playing as pirates.

After a day of sightseeing on land, the kids will love going back to their boat for a night of rest. Other family-friendly activities in Bratislava include visiting Museums and Galleries, attending a Puppet Show or a Music Performance, going on a Boat Trip along the Vydrica river and having fun with the kids!

The location is excellent as it is right next to Bratislava Castle, which can be reached easily from here on foot. There are also some excellent restaurants located nearby and some cafes where you can have something to drink while your kids play on the playground in the park.

Mid-range: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bratislava

Offering spectacular views towards Austria and a relaxing atmosphere by the Danube riverbanks, the Hilton DoubleTree hotel in Bratislava is the perfect family-friendly hotel choice. This beautiful hotel has a long list of best-in-class facilities and services that can cater to the needs of all guests.

The Hilton DoubleTree Hotel in Bratislava is located by the Danube riverbanks, just minutes away from many tourist attractions such as the historic Old Town, New Bridge, peaceful Council Park and various restaurants and shops.

Directly across from the hotel is an important historical site. Once, a port and settlement were established in Celtic times and later became an important trade centre for Slavic people. Today, it is also home to many restaurants and a pedestrian promenade lined with trees on both sides that make for a pleasant stroll.

The best part about staying at this hotel is the panoramic view of the capital city from various angles and a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are well-appointed and beautifully designed to offer comfort and privacy to all guests.

Each room comes equipped with all necessary facilities such as Wi-Fi internet access, air conditioning, flat-screen television, safety deposit box, bathroom essentials set, minibar and coffee & tea makers. Also, they offer a crib on demand.

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Splashing out: River Park Grand Hotel

The River Park Grand Hotel is a 5-star hotel that offers it all when in Bratislava. The rooms are comfortable (cots are available on request), the staff is friendly, and they have many options to keep everyone busy, from young children to adults. The hotel includes a wellness zone that consists of a spa, swimming pool and fitness centre.

Getaway packages are available at this hotel and include everything from spa time to walking tours of local restaurants and museums. These options promote fun activities that will help you relax and unwind while spending quality time together as a family. The Spa area also offers therapy treatments such as massages and facials for mom – which is sure to be appreciated after a long day on the town with the kids! Trips to local attractions won’t be forgotten either because they offer personalised vouchers for those who would like some extra souvenirs to take home.

This hotel offers many amenities suitable for children of all ages, except the spa area. The hotel does have an option to pay extra so that kids can go swimming, or they offer child care if you don’t mind leaving your little ones at the hands of strangers while you enjoy some time alone.

If neither of these options appeals to you, then fear not because there is plenty for everyone in this family-friendly 5-star hotel in Bratislava! The hotel is close to most major attractions in Bratislava, including Old Town and Devin Castle, which are only a 20-minute walk away!

How to Spend 2 Days in Bratislava with Kids

Visiting Bratislava for a day or two is a great idea, and kids will love it. There are plenty of things to see, do and learn. How better to spend some time with your family than in a beautiful Slovakian city?

How to Spend 2 Days in Bratislava with Kids

Bratislava, city centre, Bratislava for kids

Visiting Bratislava for a day or two is a great idea, and kids will love it. There are plenty of things to see, do and learn. How better to spend some time with your family than in a beautiful Slovakian city?

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Day 1: 24 Hours in Bratislava

To get to kn ow the city, why not go on the hop-on-hop-off bus tour or this 1 hour guided walking tour.


  • Visit Bratislava Castle
  • Town Hall museum & Astronomical clock


  • St Michael’s Gate & Spis castle
  • Walk around the historical centre on your way back to the hotel or apartment where you are staying overnight (Kids will need some quiet time to go to sleep, so choose a hotel or apartment close by)

Day 2: 48 Hours in Bratislava


  • Blue Church & St. Elizabeth’s Park
  • UFO bridge or The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising or The New Bridge


  • Mirror Maze, Kids’ Park (UFO), Funicular
  • Walk around the Danube river on your way back to your accomodation.

3 Days in Bratislava with Kids

Don’t worry. You won’t be bored even if you stay for another day! There’s a lot to do in Bratislava, so be sure to check out what we would recommend doing on day 3!

 Day 3:


  • Cathedral of the Holy Spirit & Statue of Juraj Jánošík
  • Old fashioned railway from Bratislava Castle to Devín castle & back


  • Danube riverboat trip or Bratislava Christmas Market (if you’re there in December, of course)
  • Walk around the city centre
  • Fun at the City Theatre of Opera and Ballet (the kids will love the ambient and performances!)

4 Days in Bratislava with Kids


  • Bratislava Zoo, an ideal place to visit with kids
  • Spa Piestany! The kids can enjoy splashing around, and it’s an excellent place for a lunch break!


  • Go back to anything you’ve missed.
  • How about discovering the Slovak countryside? There are plenty of offers available! Once again, there is no better way than spending time with your family out in nature.

Places to visit near Bratislava with Children

There are hundreds of choices if you’re planning a day trip from Bratislava with kids. Here are some of our top picks:

Dúbrava: A river meanders through spacious forests near Bratislava

The most popular bike trail starts just outside Petržalka (where the Avenue meets the highway). Cyclists can choose between two paths: the long and more demanding one up to Dúbrava or a shorter (but uphill) trail to Kuchyňa. If you choose the latter path, make sure not to get lost along the way – you will find many trails in this forested area!

You can also cycle from Bratislava city centre to Dúbrava. The route of bike trail No. 2 leads out of town along the right bank of the river Danube and then through fields and forests close to Petržalka until it reaches Dúbrava, where cyclists often stop for a rest at a bench surrounded by bird song. This trail ends on Záhorská Street in Rusovce, where cyclists can board the bus 50 to Čunovo or continue their cycling tour.

Vydrica: A forest with a secret passage

If you do not like biking uphill, there is another way to Dúbrava – most of the trail follows bike path No. 26 (Mýtna Street) until it reaches Vydrica village. From here, cycle down into the valley towards Šahy and turn right (north) before you reach Kravany nad Dunajom.

The trail takes you through forests until you reach Dúbrava, at which point it merges with bike trail No 2 mentioned above. Notice that this stretch of road is very bumpy, so cyclists are advised to use the road carefully.

Horský Park Tlmače: A quiet escape not far from the city

With an area of ​​85 hectares, this park is located on a hill above Bratislava, where visitors can enjoy many trails through forests and meadows. Cycling tour enthusiasts will surely appreciate it because they can choose between five routes that will take them across hilly terrain for up to 30 kilometres around the park.

The most demanding trail takes visitors along a steep climb for more than 10 kilometres, but they can also opt for less challenging paths that lead down into valleys or alongside mountain streams. Many parts of this natural reserve are adjacent to the protected area of ​​Malé Karpaty, so visitors can also see many wildflowers and plants that are typical for this region.

In the park, there is a restaurant with a terrace where cyclists can stop. In addition, there is a bar-café in nearby Bystrá, offering specialities from the Cyklotrekking brand.

If you want to start your trip from Bratislava city centre, cycling along bike path No 24 (from Primacianska Street towards Myjava) is recommended. The most popular route leads out of town along the right bank of the Danube, but cyclists can also enjoy a forested route through Čunovo or use the route near Vydrica, which leads through the forested hills by Šahy.

How to get around Bratislava

The public transport in Bratislava consists of buses, trams and trolleybuses. It is run by Dopravný Podnik Bratislava (DPB) which covers the entire city.

Tickets are €0.70 for a single trip, or €0.60 when bought from an automatic ticket machine (“jednotková Cena” – “single ticket price”). These tickets are valid for 30 min after stamping on any number of transfers within this time. A 24-hour network card costs €2.50 (€1.30 if bought from DPB service point), 7-day pass €9 (~€5 if bought from DPB point). Transport passes are available for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Tickets can be bought from the driver (cash only) when boarding the bus/tram/trolleybus or by using ticket machines (coins and banknotes, but no cards). When buying a ticket from the driver, you will get a receipt to show it is not valid before time stamped.

Tickets are valued by the number of minutes since stamping. You can find your current travel status at any tram stop or bus station info point (“zástupcovia” – “spokesman”).

There are three types of tickets: ordinary ticket (“jednoduché cestovné lístko”), transferable single trip ticket (“cestovné lístko s príslušným cestovným”) and transport pass (“cestovné lístko na prepravu”).

An ordinary ticket is purchased for a single journey, valid for 30 minutes from the first validation. Single trip tickets purchased from drivers are not transferable – if you change to a bus, you have to buy a new ticket. Single trip tickets purchased on ticket machines are transferable – if you change bus/tram/trolleybus within the ticket’s time limit, the driver will stamp your old ticket with “Vypůjčené” (Rented). This one can be reused as long as it has not expired yet. If you want to reuse the last day of your old ticket, you must also stamp your new t-ticket with “Vypůjčené”.

When is the best time to visit Bratislava?

The best months to visit Bratislava are April and August. The temperature is approximately 5°C in January and about 18°C in July, so there is no bad time to visit Bratislava during the year.

There are several advantages of visiting Bratislava in April and August. Firstly, you can usually get better deals on flights from other countries this time of year as it is considered an off-season period for tourism. Another big plus point for these two months is that Bratislava experiences much nicer weather during these months, with (mostly) sunny days. Bratislava is very hot in the summer and can be very cool in the winter. April and August are Bratislava’s two best months for temperature – perfect if you want to go out sightseeing without having to dress up too much or strip off!

Bratislava’s peak season is June through mid-September, where temperatures range from 18-27°C (64-81°F) if you prefer warmer temperatures. This time of year also sees Bratislavans enjoying plenty of sunshine with just a smattering of rain now and then. The downside? It can get quite crowded as Bratislava’s busiest time of year. Not only are there more tourists, but Bratislava residents themselves are away on holiday or perhaps enjoying their summer holidays elsewhere in the city.

If you visit Bratislava during its peak season, which is also the best time to go for good weather and offers on flights, then prepare for crowds wherever you go, especially at Bratislava Castle. That being said, Bratislava is not a mass tourist destination, so even if things get busy, it will be nowhere near as bad as somewhere like Venice! Many Bratislavans leave the city during the summer months, so your chances of getting a seat in a restaurant won’t be too bad either.

How to Get to Bratislava

The easiest way to Bratislava is by plane, bus or train. It can be reached within a few hours from most European capitals.

Flying to Bratislava: Bratislava airport has direct flights daily from all over Europe and several cities in North America, including New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, and Dallas. Bratislava airport is small but very modern and has a great choice of shops, restaurants and bars, so it’s the perfect place to spend some time before your departure.

In Bratislava, you have many options with which airline to fly. It is a hub for EasyJet, Slovak airlines, and Germanwings, which offers cheap flights from Bratislava with convenient connections to Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart.

Train to Bratislava: The train is the least convenient option if you are travelling with little ones. Still, it does offer charming views of Bratislava on the way into Bratislava Main station, which is located right across from Bratislava Castle, so be sure to get there early for some great pictures!

Bratislava Airport to the City Centre

The easiest way to get from Bratislava Airport into town is by taxi, which costs around 15 euros. Alternatively, several buses run every hour, including night busses. The bus stops at the main train station in Bratislava and costs about 2 euros. Bratislava airport also offers a transfer service by bus to Bratislava’s old town centre which costs 4 euros per person.

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