Best Theme Parks in Greece for Families

Greece has some amazing theme parks and water parks, not to mention the magnificent, clean sea, bright sun, beautiful beaches, small coves, and marvellous landscapes.

In Greece, both admirers of a relaxing holiday and lovers of adventure and fun can find their place. For families with kids Greece is ready to offer several fun options, to variegate your holiday and for little travellers not to get bored.

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Best Theme Parks in Greece

A trip with the whole family to an amusement park or a theme park in Greece will be the perfect solution for a fun, interesting and eventful weekend. There are two big theme parks in Athens, some in Thessaloniki and Crete.

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Allou Fun Park, Athens

Allou fun park is the best theme park in Greece. This entertainment complex is located about 10 km from the city centre, so it can be easily approached by bus from Omonia Square if you stay in the downtown area.

This is the only classic amusement park in Greece, specially built to suit the interests of visitors of all ages except toddlers.

It has many attractions, including a Ferris wheel 40 meters high, which offers an excellent panorama of Athens. Among others are racing cars, roller coasters, a shooting gallery, rafting, fishing, and a hippodrome – all these and other attractions will not leave anyone indifferent and give your family a great mood. Also, there you can find nice cafes and restaurants with kids’ menus and shops.

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Magic Park, Thessaloniki

Magic Park is a classic amusement park in Thessaloniki with almost 36 attractions and excellent infrastructure and is one of the best theme parks in Greece. Having chosen any resort near Thessaloniki, for example, Halkidiki, as a place of rest, we recommend that you look into this world of fun and joy with your children.

The park covers an area of 65,000 sq. m. Numerous carousels and attractions, including roller coasters, a flash tower, a Ferris wheel, slot machine halls, a bungee jump, racing cars, a “ghost train”, a “panic room”,, and water attractions, are designed for any age. Toddlers in the park looking forward to cars, boats, and elephant carousels. It should be noted that all attractions meet the highest safety requirements.

During the day, a group of animators of Magic Park, one of the best theme parks in Greece, offered guests to participate in various show programs and competitions.

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Aidonakia, Marousi, Athens

Aidonakia is another theme park, one of the few amusement parks in Athens, Greece, which offers many rides and other attractions for kids.

It is located in the northeastern suburb of Athens, Marousi, and can be reached by bus and metro.

You can either buy a day pass or separate tickets for each attraction. The activities are designed for kids from 3 up 14 years old.

It’s one of the best theme parks in Greece. The roller coasters are not very high, so for little kids, it will be just perfect. The park has great service and friendly staff. It gets busy during peak time, so, better to come on weekdays, you’ll enjoy it more. Note that except weekends it works only evening hours.

Labyrinth Park, Hersonissos, Crete

Labyrinth Park is a Greek mythology-themed park, so a trip here is a good way to introduce your child to ancient legends and have a great time with the whole family.

A labyrinth was built from plank partitions. The length of the paths is about 1 km and is one of the best theme parks in Grece. You can move randomly or develop the whole strategy, or use hints.

Tips are ladders with platforms and towers. You can climb them, inspect the nearest paths or even get over the wall. You will receive a prize if you make it in the stipulated time while completing several tasks.

Note that in this theme park, Crete, it usually takes 35-40 minutes to figure out the intricacies of the paths.

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Theme Parks in Greece FAQs

Are there roller coasters in Greece?

There are roller coasters in Greece. The coolest ones are in Athens, in the Allou Fun theme park, as well as in Thessaloniki, in the Magic Park amusement park.

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