Best Things to do in Valencia with Kids + 2024 City Break Guide

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Planning a city break in Valencia with kids? This guide will take you through everything you need to know, including the best places to stay in Valencia for families and the best things to do.

We’ll also help you decide how long to spend in Valencia with our 1-5 day itineraries, take you through the best places to eat and recommend some top day trips.

Here is the ultimate guide to planning and making the most out of a Valencia city break with kids.

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When is the best time to visit Valencia?

If you plan to travel to Valencia with kids, you should know that you will have a great time all year round. Valencia is a very touristy city, with stark differences in temperature during the summer and winter months.

Valencia in March.

March is the ideal month to get to know Valencia in its purest form. The city’s festivities are from the 1st to the 19th of March, especially from the 15th to the 19th. The name of the festivity is “Las Fallas”.

With many pyrotechnic shows and sculptures. The bad thing is that it is also one of the times when Valencia receives the most tourists.

If you don’t mind the crowds, it is a perfect time to enjoy the festivities. The weather is still a bit cooler at this time of year, thus avoiding the sweltering Valencian summer.

Valencia in October

Unlike March, October is a much quieter month in Valencia. There are fewer tourists, and the low season is almost beginning.

The weather is not as hot as in summer, and it is not as cold as in December. If you plan a quiet family holiday with good weather and not so much traffic October is your perfect month to visit Valencia.

Besides, there are no Fallas, but on those days (9th October), there is another important festival, the Moors and Christians parade.

Top 10 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

There are so many things to see and do in Valencia! The beach, the city of arts and sciences and the Turia garden are just some of the many things to see.

If you are unsure of the best things to do in Valencia with kids and what is a must-see in the city, here are our top 10 Valencia activities.

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1. Visit the famous City of Arts and Sciences

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The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the most emblematic places in Valencia. It is a large complex with different parts, each dedicated to teaching or disseminating art and science. There are several parts, but the most emblematic are: It is a Valencia must-see place.

Oceanogràfic: The largest aquarium in Europe, with 500 different species of marine animals. It is located underwater, and there are also shows with dolphins outside. The entrance fee is approximately €31/person. Visiting it is one of the top things to do in Valencia; many people travel only to visit it.

Hemisfèric: a 3D digital cinema with a screen almost 1 km in size. Several educational documentaries of no more than 45 minutes each are shown daily. Admission is approximately 8€/person.

Science Museum: This is an interactive museum that the whole family will love. All exhibits are interactive. There are also shops and a restaurant if you need to take a break. The entrance fee is approximately 8€.

Umbracle: A large open-access garden with Mediterranean plants and contemporary sculptures. Admission is free.

These are just some of the options offered by the City of Arts and Sciences. You still have more to discover and explore. It is a perfect place for the family with many cool things to do in Valencia.

The hop-on-hop-off bus Maritime Route will take you around all these attractions. Buy your tickets here.

2. Explore the Turia Garden

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The Turia Garden is one of the largest urban nature parks in Spain. It is a vast and, above all, a long park that runs through the city.

It is full of paths, sports and play areas and passes several of the city’s most important tourist attractions and museums, including Gulliver Park, the City of Arts and Sciences.

Children can explore and have fun and adults can enjoy nature and the corners it has to offer. It is one of the best parks in Valencia, Spain and one of the best things to do in Valencia, Spain for kids.

3. See the Fallas festival and the Fallas Museum

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The Valencians are known in Spain for their love of fire, and this can be seen in one of their most important festivals, the “Fallas” of Valencia. One of Valencia top attractions.

The festival is several days, normally from the 15th to the 19th of March.

During these days, there are shows with gunpowder explosions in certain areas of the city, fireworks at night in the Turia garden and a 15-metre tapestry made of flowers in the Plaza de la Virgen.

In different parts of Valencia, you can see the “ninots” (large satirical wooden sculptures), which are then burnt (yes, burnt) on the 19th; all except for one winner.

Don’t worry, it’s all safe, and there are also children’s versions so that children can watch the festival at times designed for them.

If you’re not in Valencia during those days, you can also visit the Fallas Museum.

A museum dedicated to the fallas where you can see the winning “ninots”, which were not burnt, as well as photos and exhibitions of this festival. Knowing about his enjoyable festivity is one of the most important things to do in Valencia.

4. Take advantage of the Free Walking Tours of Valencia

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Valencia also has several free tours, where you can visit different parts of the city, depending on which one you choose.

There are basic tourist tours to see the city’s main sights, as well as artistic, cultural, and other tours.

One of the great things to do in Valencia old town is to know it better. Most of them are child-friendly. Ask for them in any of the tourist offices in Valencia, don’t miss them!

5. Explore Valencia on the Hop-on-hop-off bus

The hop-on-hop-off bus in Valencia is perfect for seeing all the main sights and saving more time for the sights you love, especially if you have little ones. The bus tour has an audio guide in several languages, with which you will discover the city and its history.

We recommend getting a 24 or 48-hour ticket for this bus so that you can hop on and off at any of its 17 stops.

It’s perfect for a first tour with the audio guide and then uses it as transport. The price of 1-day ticket is approximately 19€ per person. This is an activity you must do in Valencia, to know better and familiarize yourself with the city with this great stuff to do in Valencia.

6. Learn how to prepare Paella like a Valencian

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Paella is one of the most famous Spanish dishes globally, and Valencia is its birthplace. The city offers classes to learn how to make Paella, and we recommend you take advantage of them.

They are suitable for all the family; if the children are older they could come with you, and if they are younger there are also classes specifically for them under the supervision of the chefs, which kids enjoy very much.

They usually include a visit to a local market to interact with the locals and buy ingredients, then a cooking class with an experienced chef, followed by a tasting of what you have cooked.

Both children and parents will enjoy the experience and the taste of your cooking. These classes are very highly rated.

This is a great activity all the year, but it is specifically one of the best things to do in Valencia in winter. For more information, view tours on Viator.

7. Visit and Climb the Tower of the Valencia Cathedral

Valencia cathedral
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The Valencia Cathedral is one of the historical jewels of the city. Architecturally it is very interesting and, inside, there are several frescoes and interesting elements to contemplate. In addition, this is where the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper is located.

Make sure you visit Torre de Miguelete, the bell tower of the Cathedral. There are 207 steps, but if you manage to climb it, you will have the best aerial views of the city.

Perfect for seeing the city and taking a family photo to remember the trip. The views from the Miguelete Tower are some of the best things to see in Valencia.

8. Shop and Interact with Locals at Central Market

Central market valencia

Interacting with the locals is not something tourists are likely to do. That’s why we recommend a deeper immersion into city life by visiting Valencia’s Central Market.

Here you can interact with the locals, see and buy Spanish products (wine, cheese, oil, sausages, etc.) and enjoy the architecture of the market while spending some quality time with the family.

Unlike the Mercado de Colon, which is very tourist-focused, here you will enjoy a more Valencian experience. It is one of the hidden Valencia things to do in your travel to Valencia with kids that not many tourists usually do.

9. Enjoy the Sun and the Mediterranean sea at Patacona Beach

Patacona beach, valencia
By Derek Rankine

The Mediterranean sun is enjoyable, but it also makes us want to cool off at some point. Fortunately, Valencia is located on the coast and has magnificent beaches.

Most people and tourists go to Malvarrosa beach, a Valencia tourist spot. However, a bit further north from there is the Patacona beach.

This area is one of the unusual things to see in Valencia, despite the near it is from the city. Visiting the Patacona beach is much more recommendable, cleaner, more comfortable and quieter.

You will have more space to rest and have a peaceful swim with the children or play in the sand. It can be easily reached by city bus (line 31).

There are also tours that, among other activities, go to the beach. Why not try this amazing 3-hour city to beach bike tour?

10. Discover what Valencia was like in Roman times at the Almoina Museum

Valencia is a city with a lot of history, and the Almoina Museum is a fun way to discover it. It is a museum of Roman and medieval ruins with glass walkways to see underneath them. There are also explanatory videos in many of the areas.

Children can walk around the ruins like Romans and discover a bit of Valencia’s culture. It is an exciting place to visit whether you like history or not. The price is also very affordable; 2€/person from Tuesday to Saturday and free on Sundays and public holidays.

Where to Stay in Valencia with Kids

As most of the tourist attractions in Valencia, Spain, are in the city centre, we recommend that you travel to Valencia with kids and look for accommodation in the Ciutat Vella area (the centre). If you want a quieter area with lower prices, the Eixample or Ruzafa are good areas not far from the centre.

If you’d prefer to stay near the beach, stay near the Malvarrosa. In high season (March or summer), we recommend the Eixample and Ruzafa areas to avoid the crowds in the city centre.

Here are some recommendations for accommodation, in and near the city centre, for your family holiday.

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Budget: Hotel Turia

Hotel Turia is in an excellent location, just a few minutes from the Ciutat Vella area and right in front of the Turia garden that runs through the city. The bus station is right next door. The rooms have good views of the city and are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. Family rooms are also available >>>

Mid-Range: Petit Palace Ruzafa

Although it is not right in the city centre, Petit Palace Ruzafa is in an excellent location, with the main tourist attractions not far from it.

It has options for travelling with babies (such as baby safety gates and others). The rooms are Soundproof, are well equipped, and for a little extra, breakfast is also included and is highly rated by guests.

The hotel also offers tourist information and a bicycle rental service (extra charge), handy for exploring the city with children. An excellent option if you want to have a quiet stay with the family.

Splashing Out: Expensive Hotel

This hotel is in a perfect location in the city centre. The rooms are very well equipped and soundproofed, ensuring that you will have a quiet stay. Breakfast is included and of outstanding quality.

There is a tourist information service, and for an extra charge, there is a bicycle tour service and a transfer service from and to the airport of Valencia.

Places to Visit Near Valencia with Kids

Although Valencia has many interesting places to visit within the city itself, there are also interesting and beautiful surroundings nearby.

Here are the 3 best destinations for Valencia day trips, near the city:


By Nacho

The Albufera is where Paella was created. It is a coastal lake, and there are rice fields around it. It is very beautiful, and eating a paella here is one of the best things to do in Valencia.

There are several tours from Valencia with different options. It is one of the best things to do around Valencia, Spain.

Why not try this Valencia to Albufera Jeep and Boat Tour


Peniscola, day trips from valencia with kids
By Marcela

Peñiscola is a coastal town north of Valencia. It has unique architecture and beauty. Series and films have been filmed here. Perfect for getting to know the area of Valencia and taking pictures. And if you can, try the local fish or seafood paella.

Teens will like this Day Tour from Valencia to Peniscola

San José caves

This is the longest underground river in Europe. Inside this set of natural caves, you can enjoy a boat trip inside and also on foot. The outside is also a very beautiful natural environment. You will love it. There are tours from Valencia.

Where to Eat in Valencia for Families

Valencia is an excellent place with superb cuisine. It is the birthplace of the famous Paella, but it also has other typical food and drinks.

If you visit Valencia with kids you can’t miss, apart from Paella, the fish, seafood, wine, mistela (a sweet wine) and rice. It also has a local drink called Horchata, made from a fruit locally called “chufas”, which is usually drunk with a long sweet bread called “farton”.

A Huevo (Tapas)

A huveo is a restaurant not far from the centre of Valencia with Mediterranean Spanish cuisine. It has many options, but above all, its “tapas” stand out; portions of food that you eat to accompany a drink. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available. Highly recommended and highly rated.

Location: Calle de Salamanca 28, PC: 46005.

Navarro Restaurant (Paella)

Restaurante Navarro is a nice Mediterranean and fish restaurant in the centre of Valencia. It is very well rated, and they have many options, but, above all, their paellas stand out. One of the best places in Valencia to eat excellent Paella. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Location: Calle Arzobispo Mayoral, 5. PC: 46002.

La Taberna Casera (Seafood)

La Taberna Casera is a more homely restaurant, located close to the Malvarrosa beach. Despite being a little out of the centre, it is worth trying their Spanish Mediterranean cuisine, especially the fish and seafood. Enjoy them with good wine. It is a highly rated restaurant, and they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.

Location: Calle Antonio Juan 10. PC: 46011.

2 Days in Valencia Itinerary

Here we present you an example of an itinerary for your travel to Valencia with kids if you want to know how to visit first in a day or a weekend in Valencia. We hope these 2 days in Valencia itinerary will be helpful.

Day 1: One Day in Valencia

Morning: On your first day in Valencia with kids, we recommend that you first get a Tourist Card to take advantage of the discounts and free transport. Buy Your Tourist Card Here.

A trip on the hop-on-hop-off bus is also an excellent idea to familiarise yourself with the city.

Afternoon: Turia Garden and Archaeological museum of Almoina

In the afternoon we recommend you visit the Turia Garden, enjoying its parks, like the Gulliver. The garden is very long, so it is good to rent an electric bike at one of the stalls in the garden. To end the day you can visit the Almoina museum to discover Valencia in Roman times.

Day 2: 2 Days in Valencia

Morning: Oceanogràfic Aquarium or the Science Museum

Continuing with your two days in Valencia, Spain, Spend the day in the City of Arts and Sciences. Choose between the Oceanogràfic Aquarium and the Science Museum.

Afternoon: Hemisfèric cinema and Umbracle walk

Continuing with the City of Arts and Sciences, we recommend you to visit the Hemisfèric cinema in the afternoon to see an educational 3D film that the children will love. Afterwards, a nice walk through the Umbracle area (a garden with plants and statues) and the rest of the City of Arts and Sciences areas. A great way to finish your 48 hours in Valencia.

Buy Your City of Arts and Science Entrance Tickets here >>>

3 Days in Valencia, Spain Itinerary

If you have 3 days in Valencia, Spain, we recommend you to our 2 days in Valencia Itinerary for the first 2 days. Here are the amazing things you could do on your third day:

Morning: Central Market and Free walking tour

We recommend a walk through the central market to see and taste some Spanish products in the morning. It is also an excellent place for shopping in Valencia. Afterwards, it is a good idea to take advantage of one of the free walking tours around the city (*you can find out about them at the tourist offices or your hotel).

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Afternoon: Valencia Cathedral and Paella Class

In the afternoon you can visit the Cathedral of Valencia and see the Santo Caliz, the works of art and the Miguelete tower, which you can climb. At the top, you can take family photos and enjoy the views of the city after that it is a great idea to take part in a Paella Class with the family (if the kids are old enough). It’s a great way to end your 3 days in Valencia. Book your Paella Class Here.

4 Days in Valencia, Spain

If you have 4 days in Valencia, Spain, there’s plenty more to do. We recommend you to take a tour outside the city. Like to the Albufera lagoon, where Paella was created, or to the caves of San Jose, and enjoy a nice boat ride while you learn more about the area.

Both places are of great beauty. On your return to the city, you can relax with a pleasant afternoon on the beach—an unforgettable 4 days in Valencia.

Why not try this San Jose caves tour

5 Days in Valencia

If you can stay 5 days in Valencia, you are in luck. You can take the opportunity to continue enjoying the city or, as we recommend, visit another place near Go on a day trip to Peñíscola, a coastal town, or visit Sagunto, an ancient Roman settlement with a lot of history. Try this Sagunto tour where you’ll learn about the history of the city.

Both are outstanding options to end your 5 days in Valencia, after seeing the highlights of Valencia, Spain.

Valencia Tourist Card

There are two ways to get around the city when travelling to Valencia with kids for several days.

Tourist Card: The tourist card allows you to use public transport in the city for free. You can get the card for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The card also offers a discount on admission to certain places, such as the City of Arts and Sciences. and free entry to several museums. It is handy if you want to move freely around Valencia. If you have this card, you can also use public transport for free to get to and from the Valencia airport.

How to Get to Valencia

The best way to travel to Valencia is by plane. This avoids long hours of travel by car, train or boat. Valencia Airport (VLC) receives domestic and international flights from various European cities, making it quick and easy to get there. Once off the plane, how to get from Valencia airport to Valencia?

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How to Get from Vaencia Airport to the City Centre

Metro: Two metro lines run between the airport and the city: lines 3 (red) and 5 (green). They run pretty frequently (every 15-20 minutes) and have several stops, such as in the city centre, which can be reached in about 20 minutes. – €4.90 per person.

Bus: (Cheapest). The bus is the cheapest option although it takes a little longer than the metro. Bus line 150 connects to the city and has several stops in the city centre, about 30 minutes. Buses run every 25 minutes Monday to Friday and 26-40 minutes on Saturdays (no service on Sundays!) – €1.45 per person.

Taxi: (Fastest). This is the fastest way. Taxis are always available, and it takes 15-20 minutes to reach the city centre under normal conditions. The price is approximately 20-25€. We recommend this option if it is your first trip to Valencia, as it will take you directly to your accommodation.

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