The 18 BEST Things to do in Malta with Kids in 2024

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 Looking for things to do in Malta with kids?

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has one of the best climates in the world. It is the perfect spot for a holiday all year round. In the summer months, the country can offer its pristine beaches and bright sun; in winter – an exploration of its rich history and admiration of the architectural monuments and temples. This post will take you through the best things to do in Malta with kids so you can plan the perfect trip!

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The archipelago has three islands and many fascinating cities and villages to travel to. Malta and Gozo are the most popular islands among tourists worldwide.

The Maltese capital city Valletta with an area of just 0.61 square km, is one of the smallest capitals of Europe and a fantastic city to explore.

Victoria, the capital of the Maltese island of Gozo, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has a famous Citadel, a world war shelters museum, and other historical sites.

Besides Victoria, Gozo Island has Ggantija temples and an interesting and varied coastline, while its surrounding waters are considered one of the cleanest and best diving spots in the Mediterranean.

It was popular for its scenic rock ark Azur Window, but after the storm in 2017, it collapsed and lost its charm significantly.  

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure for further information.

The Island of Malta with Kids

Malta is a great place for a family holiday. In addition to the fabulous beaches, there is a huge amount of entertainment for children and adults: parks, aqua parks, engaging museums with interesting exhibitions, and many more.

In the huge Maltese National Aquarium, you and your kids can get acquainted with various inhabitants of the underwater depths.

In the zoo, young visitors will meet various cute animals.

Besides that, Malta is a very safe state, which makes holidays with children even more comfortable.

At the same time, due to its compact size, you can move around the country very quickly by car or public transport.  

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Best Places to Visit and Things to Do – Malta

Wondering “What to do and what to see with kids in Malta”? The country has a lot of points of interest for families.

Let’s begin! Here you will find a complete, detailed guide for your trip and will learn about the 18 best things to do in Malta with kids in 2024.

#1 Valletta

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The capital, Valletta, is one of the must-see places when you travel to the island of Malta. In 2018 the European Capital of Culture included it in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visiting Valletta is like visiting an open-air museum, as history has left its mark on every building in this fortified city. St John Cathedral, Fort St. Angelo, Tarxien Temples, National Museum of Archaeology, and Great Siege Square are among Valetta’s most beautiful and interesting places.

The amazing architecture of Malta flourished in the 16th century and is preserved perfectly till our days.

Whether strolling through its narrow streets, walking along the promenade, immersing yourself and your children in the city’s atmosphere, or discovering the sights, the capital of the island of Malta will not leave your family indifferent.

#2 Upper Baracca Gardens

This is a small park near the city entrance and a popular city break in Malta. You can walk along with great monuments and a beautiful fountain and enjoy a breathtaking bay view from the observation deck.

The show is free of charge, so don’t miss it! But the fascinating thing is that cannons are fired every day at 12.00 and 16.00. The kids will be curious to see how the guards in uniform load a gun, salute, and… a shot is heard.

Noise, smoke – everything is real. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.

#3 Grandmaster Palace

grandmaster palace, malta

This building was built for the Master of Knights of St Templar, but now the President’s residence is located. In one of the parts of the Palace, an armoury is open, where more than 6,000 exhibits are stored.

It will certainly be very informative for a boy to visit this museum: armour, weapons, guns, helmets – everything is in excellent condition.

But if you do not want to visit the museum itself, the Palace has two nice courtyards where you can relax and admire the beautiful old mansion.

#4 The Three Cities

Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea, known as the Three Cities of Malta worth a tour. The fortified cities are located directly opposite Valletta’s Grand Harbour.

While looking at these cities, the imagination can bring you back to the days of the Order of Malta and the great naval battles.

From there, you can observe magnificent panoramic views and discover authentic one of Malta’s most authentic areas. 

#5 Mdina


A trip to Malta should include a visit to L-Imdina, nicknamed the Silent City. Mdina is the former capital of Malta, one of the oldest cities in the country, a walled one, currently home to about 300 people where time seems to have stopped.

The city is located on a hill in the centre of Malta and has been a filming location for major movies and series such as Game of Thrones.

Mdina is a place of peace and serenity, so take your time to stroll through the streets of the historical centre of Malta and admire the best sights of Malta.

Take the opportunity to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and, if you feel like something to eat, enjoy one of the traditional Maltese desserts at Fontanella Tea Garden, which offers panoramic views of the island.

You can visit the Dingli Cliffs located nearby and enjoy the sea view from one of the country’s highest points.  

#6 Splash & Fun Water Park 

A water attraction called Splash & Fun Water Park can be found close to St Julian’s and is a good option for a day trip.

Children and adults will enjoy a variety of slides here, water sports, and the “lazy river” this attraction is an imitation of a slowly flowing river.

On the water park site, you can have fun in an inflatable castle, on a playground, or ride on a railroad. The establishment is open from April to October.

#7 Sleeping Lady from Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

A unique terracotta figurine 12cm high is on display at the main archaeological museum of Malta in the city of Valletta. Discovered while clearing out an underground sanctuary, the Hypogeum, and named the Sleeping Lady.

We know nothing about this amazing stranger. And historians can only admire her calm appearance. When developing creative children’s thinking, you can ask them what the Sleeping Lady dreams about.

And, of course, share your version of her dreams with them. Great activity from the list of things to do in Malta with children.

#8 Playmobil FunPark

Discover a world of imagination and excitement at Playmobil FunPark Malta, an enchanting destination that brings the iconic Playmobil toys to life.

Upon entering the park, you and your family will be greeted by a multitude of colourful Playmobil scenes, ranging from bustling cityscapes and idyllic farmyards to mystical fairylands and swashbuckling pirate coves.

Kids can unleash their creativity as they engage with life-sized Playmobil figures, explore themed play zones, and even get hands-on with building their own imaginative Playmobil worlds.

This vibrant park offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor play areas, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a fun-filled day out.

There is an indoor air conditioned Playmobil themed area where kids can try their hand at climbing the pirate ship, sliding down the tree house and much more!

There is also a cafeteria for a snack and the exclusive playmobil shop in Malta.

#9 Popeye Village

popeye village malta

Popeye Village is a fabulous top visit to Malta village built 35 years ago specifically to film the movie about Popeye the sailor. Rickety multicoloured houses, giant fishing boats and other props are still perfectly preserved here.

You can touch everything, and you can go everywhere.

Visiting it is among the top things to do in Malta.

The town of Santa Claus is perhaps the most interesting there. You can see dolls of elves, deer, and polar bears in several rooms.

Something special happens in each house: some elves make gifts for children, some others read letters that children write to Santa, and some relax and have a meal. Children love it! 

#10 The Blue Grotto

blue grotto

While in Malta, it is worth going to the Blue Grotto, one of the best places in Malta.

In addition to admiring the rock formations, you can swim in the sea or take a short cruise. Small sea ponds among the rocks can be the biggest entertainment for your child.

#11 Blue Lagoon in Comino Island

blue lagoon

The island of Comino is located between two islands, Malta and Gozo. One of its main attractions is the Blue Lagoon. It is a large bay, with the incredibly beautiful colour of the water.

Blue Lagoon is surrounded by rocks that protect bathers from the wind and strong waves and resembles a pool comfortable for swimming with kids.

This lagoon is also ideal for snorkelling and great to look at during the boat tour.

It is one of the best places to visit for the whole family.

#12 Ghar Dalam Cave

Ghar Dalam Cave is a natural landmark of Malta near the town of Birzebbuja.

It is known for the remains of animals that died out during the last glaciation. Translated from the Maltese, the name means “Cave of Darkness”.

According to palaeontologists, there are several cultural layers in the cave, each of which is very rich in its contents. Exploring the Gham Dalam Cave will be a great option among the best family activities in malta.

#13 Malta National Aquarium 

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This aquarium will be interesting to visit in Malta, not only for children but also for adults. The building is built in the shape of a starfish, which is symbolic.

Once inside, it is impossible not to be confused by the variety because 26 aquariums of various sizes with the most unusual inhabitants are waiting for you.

The largest of the aquariums looks like a tunnel, with a diameter of 12 m.

Blacktip and California bull sharks, conger eels, rays and other underwater inhabitants of the Indian Ocean are waiting for you there. You should put it on your Malta things-to-do list!

#14 Mellieħa Bay Sandy Beach

melliea beach, malta beaches

Mellieha Bay has fine, almost white sand, which makes this beach unique. The descent into the sea is smooth and not deep. Moreover, because of the shallow water, it warms up faster than in other places in Malta.

The beach is ideal for families with children.

#15 Argotti Botanic Garden

Entrance to this charming Botanical Garden is free. The garden is not very big, but very beautiful. You can see huge cacti 6-7 meters high and many exotic trees there.

Additionally, there is also a gorgeous observation deck. It’s among the best family things to do in Malta. 

#16 Bird Park in St Paul’s Bay

st pauls bird park

This park is home to some of the world’s most popular exotic bird species. It is home to over 200 species of birds and other animal species, making it one of the best places for your kids to play.

It’s an amazing place to spend time watching beautiful and exotic birds from all over the world.

Some of the more notable birds around the park include pelicans, storks, flamingos, parrots, cranes, and some other amazing birds, which are interesting to contemplate even for very little kids.

This activity will be a good option among the best things to do in Malta with toddlers if you live near Paul’s Bay.

#17 Mediterraneo Marina Park 

The park is located near the Maltese capital Valletta. Its main purpose is to conduct scientific research aimed at conserving certain marine species.

However, this place is popular among tourists due to its interesting show programs, including dolphins and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

There is also a diverse collection of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids presented in the Reptile House. In addition to it, performances are given in the Mediterranean Park with the participation of parrots of various species, sea lions and seals. So, it’s an activity among the top things to do in Malta for your family.

#18 Marsaxlokk fishing village

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The main attraction of Marsaxlokk is the Sunday market that runs along the coast – you can see and buy, for example, fresh fish and seafood on a fish market, local sweets, fruits and vegetables.

The children would like to watch the fish swimming in the insanely blue water of the bay.

Near the small marina, where colourful fishing boats are moored, there is another playground where kids can have fun and parents can relax a bit.

After that, you can head to Hagar Qim Temples, an amazing archaeological site and another great place to visit in Malta.

More Things to do in Malta

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How many days in Malta are enough with kids?

If you want to combine visiting all the main sightseeing spots and relaxing on the beach, then 7 days will be sufficient time to stay in Malta with kids. If your goal is just to see the island during the low season period, then 4 days for the first acquaintance will be enough. 

What is the most beautiful part of Malta? 

One of the visiting cards of Malta is the Blue Grotto. This is a complex of sea caves of incredible beauty. Many films have been filmed here. You yourself can feel like a star of the movie, having swept through the grotto on a boat. 

Which part of Malta has the best beaches? 

The most beautiful beaches in Malta are located mainly in the north of the island. Among them: are Riviera Beach, Golden Bay, Gnejna, and Ghadira Bay. Some of them offer to rent loungers and umbrellas.  

What month is best to go to Malta? 

June is the best month to travel to Malta. It is possible to swim and enjoy the sun and the island without being exhausted by the sun or the pouring rain. Prices for hotels and transport are also cheaper out of season, and the influx of tourists is lower.

What is Malta known for?

Malta is known around the world for its fantastic film production. Filmmakers have chosen the country because of the unique ancient structures, beautiful sea, and coastal landscapes suitable to different eras. A significant part of the movies were filmed in the Grand Harbor area, in the capital Valletta, and nearby towns – Cospicua and Birgu. “Game of Thrones”, “Gladiator”, “Troy”, “Midnight Express”, and “Popeye” were filmed here. The latter one was created in a fabulous village built 35 years ago specifically for the filming. All the dolls are moving like real, so the kids will be excited to visit them! 

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