A Stockholm City Break with Kids

Planning to visit Stockholm with kids? This guide will guide you through planning and making the most out of a city break to Stockholm, Sweden with kids.

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When is the best time to visit Stockholm?

Stockholm in December

Travel to Stockholm City in December to revel in its one-of-its-kind Christmas atmosphere. November-December is known as the best time to visit Stockholm to amble around its cute Stockholm Christmas markets and fairs, occurring from November 20 to December 23.

Why not try this Christmas Spirit Walking Tour

Your kids will love the magic-oozing charm of the Swedish capital in winter with elves and deer frisking about. Don’t forget to indulge them in Swedish saffron buns, especially delectable at Christmas. Spend 1 week in Stockholm to feel wonder over the Stockholm City Christmas charm.

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Visiting Stockholm from April to June

One of the most pleasant periods to visit Stockholm is April-June. Head to Stockholm, one of the best places to go in Sweden, with your kids in late spring, or at the beginning of summer, to take in its fragrant gardens, parks and the vistas of the town from the sea.

If travelling in mid-April, you will see cherry trees blooming, and almost cloying with their fragrance.

If you travel in June, you will profit from the most pleasant temperatures to bask in its temperate Scandinavian sun and even take a short bath at one of its scenic beaches (if accustomed, the temperature can still give a cold shock to the least prepared). Note the season is perfect for a short Stockholm weekend break.

Where to Stay in Stockholm with Kids

Travelling to Stockholm is always the sense of the anticipation of its different districts, so disparate but so alike in their unchangeable dynamism and good quality travelling infrastructure.

Apart from staying downtown, you can go for a more remote site, with many well-linked suburbs offering cheaper lodging in a more leafy setting.

Budget: Stockholm Classic Budget Hotell

The answer to where to stay in Stockholm with a family on the shoestring is Stockholm Classic Budget Hotell. The hotel is one of the best good-value places to stay in Stockholm. It is located in Skarholmen, Stockholm, arguably the best area to stay in Stockholm to be closer to nature. This low-budget hotel features a foliage-covered surrounding, luggage storage space and free WiFi throughout the property for the guest to sense utmost comfort at a reasonable price.

In the room, you will find two beds and two sofa beds. Located in a lush green locale some distance from the city centre, it can be accessed by metro, with the closest metro station just 5 minutes’ pleasant stroll away. The site also boasts a playground, a beach, and even boats plying to Drottningholm Palace, just 600m. away.  

Mid-Range: Downtown Camper

Known as one of the best places where to stay in Stockholm, Sweden, the Downtown camper is located in the downtown, at 9, Brunkebergstorg, Norrmalm, 103 27 Stockholm, Sweden. It is thus arguabVly the best location to stay in Stockholm, where your stay is worth every öre. A room for 2 adults and 2 kids will set you back just 196 euros. It features one extra-large bed and two small bunks. Its facilities include a humongous swimming pool, a gym, a rooftop sauna, and a grill restaurant with delectable BBQs and Campfire Bar, making it one of the best hotels in Stockholm, Sweden. You can rent bicycles, skateboards and kayaks at the reception; do yoga or your kids can even take skateboarding lessons, making it one of the best hotels in Stockholm, Sweden.

Splashing Out: Sheraton Hotel

Willing to splurge on high-end items and put up in one of the world’s most famous hotel chains? Head to Sheraton, a 5 star Stockholm hotel and one of the best places in Stockholm to go to. With a room price sitting at the sumptuous 282 euros, its spacious units, each with huge beds, are worth it all the way through. Even though the window view is splendid, it is done out in the traditional Swedish manner, reminding one of the somewhat futuristic and minimalistic proclivities of the Swedes. Booking rates it 9.3 for a stay with kids, in part as a result of its advantageously central location, at 6 Tegelbacken, Norrmalm, 10123 Stockholm, Sweden.

It features a sauna, a massage parlour, and a 24/7 gym, Lobby Bar and Brasserie 360, with ambrosial French cuisine and a distinct ambience of joie de vivre, among other perks. Note that it offers great access to the airport by Arlanda Airport Express Train, making it one of the best places to stay in Stockholm city if travelling for a Stockholm weekend break by plane.

Top 10 Things to do in Stockholm with Kids

There are plenty of things to do in Stockholm with kids. You can not only delve into the deep well of its cultural treasures, and mesmeric legends of the awe-inspiring past of the Swedish capital, but also profit from top-notch immersive experiences such as a visit to its stunning ABBA museum or the hair-raising rollercoasters just a short distance from its most prized museums.

1. Go on a Rollercoaster at the Grona Lund Amusement Park

Head to Grona Lund, located on the scenic Djurgarden Island. It is a rollercoaster Mecca that will make your kids revel in the zippy feel of a never-ending ride on one of the best Europe with kids adventures. Don’t forget to start off easy and see what to see in Stockholm from the soaring highs of a rollercoaster ride.

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2. Go to the picture-perfect Kungstradgarden Park

ravel to Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården in April, when cherries bloom, one of the world’s most romantic places to travel to in late Spring, which your kids for sure will love. Take a lunch under the cherry blossom, if lucky and head for a chilled stroll around the town. Out of the cherry-blooming season,  it is one of the most frequented local hangouts with the cheer and the good-neighbourly air of nonchalance and conviviality in the air.

3. Go sightseeing at the Storkyrkan Church and other central houses of worship

Unveil the marvellous spiritual heritage of Stockholm such as Storkyrkan, its eye-pleasing, if somewhat austere cathedral. It is Sweden’s oldest church which will be an introduction for the more spiritual jewels thrown around Stockholm’s scenic downtown, such as Riddarholmen Church, the burial place of the Swedish kings, and the sharp-soired kircha, Oscarskyrkan.

4. Pay a visit to the Royal Palace

Head to the Royal Palace, where the famous art-patron Queen Christina was crowned. The imposing site is not only were some of Swedish history’s key events took place, but also where some of the world’s topmost art exhibits are housed.

When on a visit to Stockholm’s Royal Museum, one of the best places to go in Stockholm, don’t miss out on a veritable hidden gem, the majestic Rikkssalen-held silver throne donated by Magnus Gabriel De La Gardie, one of Sweden’s topmost patrons of science and art.

5. Go on a guided tour of the City Hall

The building, dating back to the early 20th century is one of the best examples of Scandinavian eclecticism and is the venue of Nobel Prize banquets. Head here to pay tribute to Sweden’s outsized contribution to the world of science and architectural achievement. If going inside on a guided tour, your kids will surely go moon-eyed over its spaciousness. Note its three-crowned spires remind of the royal status of Stockholm.

6. Pay a visit to Djurgarden Museums

Head to Djurgarden Island for its unique museums and galleries to become enveloped by the magic of art. It is also home to Sweden’s first open-air museum Skansen, featuring the industrial life of different corners of Sweden. The Vasa Museum and the Viking Museum are two naval museums that are the two best children’s museums in Stockholm.

7. Visit the ABBA Museum

One of the best locales to visit in Sweden with kids is the world-renowned group, ABBA museum. ABBA is one of the most famous cultural imports of Sweden, so have your kids check out some of their choice hits, such as The Winner Takes it All and Gimme!Gimme!Gimme!. Note that the treasures of the 80s are brought to the public in a multi-formative interactive setting, making it one of the coolest places to go to in Stockholm with kids.

Book your tickets in advance to avoid dissapointment. We reccomend this skip the line entrance ticket.

8. Go to a football match

Another great thing to do in Sweden with kids is going to the match by Stockholm-based football clubs like DIF or AIK, represented by both women’s and men’s teams. Note that some of the most colourful matches with fans rooting for their teams are the strongest are derbies. Then, two teams from the same town meet for them to find out who is the strongest, one of Stockholm city’s main occasions.

9. Visit the Vasa Museum

Head to the unique Vasa Museum, a maritime museum that will develop your kids’ penchant for curiosity. The main gem in the treasure trove of nautical curiosities is an almost fully preserved 17th-century watercraft, the 64-gun warship, Vasa, which went down on its maiden voyage.

10. Take a stroll in the Arninge Ulna Riparian Forest Park

Getting to the scenic Arninge Ulna Riparian Forest Park, submerged in foliage in summer and exuding the irresistible charm of summertime in Stockholm. Head here for ample walking space for your kids and you to uncover the hidden arboreal marvels of this vast lush greenery-drowned locale.

Where to Eat in Stockholm with Kids

Sweden is the most prized destination among the amateurs of Scandinavian cuisine, known for its healthy diet, which is especially good for the kids. Munch on its delicious shrimp sandwich, Rakmacka, or its Christmas buns, a yummy festive treat for your Europe trip with kids; while the tasty kottbullar, Swedish for meatballs, is a stape in the house of the happiest Swedish families. Other specialities include Falukorv, Falu Sausage, or the more exotic pickled herring for your kids to develop an understanding of the authentic side of Swedish cuisine.

If in Stockholm with your kids, check out:

Kajsas Fisk.

Kajsas Fisk is a one-of-its-kind restaurant with a jovial atmosphere and a menu of marine delicacies such as delectable shrimps with avocado and ambrosial fresh sole fillet. Kids in Stockholm will love its generous portions and impeccable service with the staff treating them as the little kings and queens they are. Note that the dinners come at a fair price, so you will enjoy a great value meal here.

Restaurant Gastabud.

This Swedish food eatery is one of the best places to visit in Stockholm cities. It is known for its unique “just eat it and kick-back” charm, slap-up portions, traditional cooking and authentically Scandinavian interior. Head here with kids for them to feel themselves, guests, at a feast of yore and revel in the glorious Scandinavian fare.  

Masala Masala

Sweden is getting more and more multicultural by the day. Now it is not only the Swedish food that can be deemed truly local but also the delicious fares of its vast and kinetic migrant community. Try out ambrosial masala curries at Masala Masala and sense the karmic spirit of the universe that will take you and your kids to the vast horizons of the Malabar Coast with its watercraft charting new trade routes before you.

Moon Cake

A tribute to the culinary acumen of another sizable community in Stockholm, the Chinese Moon Cake is one of the best places to treat your children to being little mandarins. Here they will sample the authentic Chinese delights and will know that you can find your own piece of the Orient even in the northerly Stockholm.

How to Spend 2 Days in Stockholm with Kids

There are so many things to do in Stockholm with kids, but how do you fit it all in? Here are our recommended itineraries for 1-4 days in Stockholm.

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Day 1: 24 Hours in Stockholm

Morning: Pass the first-day taking delight in the myriad of Stockholm’s Djurgarden Island’s artistic locales. Headfirst to the Vasa Museum to see the one-of-its-kind 17th-century galleon, at the Vasa Museum, and to another museal jewel narrating the Swedish grand pre-industrial past, Skanske. Take a lunch break at some of the island’s cosy cafeterias. Then make it to the Waldemarsudde Museum, originally in the home of Prince Eugen, ranking now among the most visited art museums in Sweden.

Afternoon: End the first day of your Sweden city break at the Viking Museum, another Djurrgarden museum and one of the best children’s museums in Stockholm. It houses 9th century Viking ships and Viking artefacts for you kids to immerse into the glorious past of this maritime empire.

After visiting the museum, gaze at the maritime boundaries of the ocean, to sense the promise of new encounters. If you are still willing to do something more mundane, go to BAUHAUS Bromma, sheltering arguably best indoor playground Stockholm, Leos Lekland to make your 2 days in Stockholm, Sweden not only a cultural trip but also to see how the Swedes shop while your children play at the indoor playground Stockholm.

Day 2: 48 Hours in Stockholm

Morning: Allocate some time to uncover this brightest gem in the crown of Swedish museums during your 48 hours in Stockholm. Head to the Royal Museum, one of the best children’s museums in Stockholm, to contemplate the mightiness of Sweden’s imperial past and see one of the world’s most exquisite pieces of royal authority, a silver throne, bestowed upon the king of Sweden by Magnus Gabriel De La Gardi. His family, including Pontus de La Gardi, not only participated in the installation of new kings to power but also founded new cities. Jacob De La Gardi, the son of Pontus, founded Nien that was later to transform into St. Petersburg, now the capital of Russia.

After soaking up the dust-covered exploits of the builders of Sweden as we know it today, you shall proceed to the City Hall and marvel at its sober monumentality. Then, pay a visit to the Parliament House and Storkyrkan, located a short walking distance away.

Keep in mind that day 2 during your 2 days in Stockholm winter can be spiced up with trips to the city’s scenic Christmas Markets and indoor shopping venues to shop for gifts (view more of the best shopping cities in Europe here).

Afternoon: If still have a yen for more things historical, head to the Stockholm Medieval Museum, also close by the sites done during the morning part of the tour. Here you can find a drastically different view of Sweden, reminding it that once its sway inspired awe in the most intrepid of minds around the Baltics, making the museum one of the best children’s museums in Stockholm. After that head to one of the city’s restaurants to treat your kids to a truly Knightley diet.

3 Days in Stockholm with Kids

Morning: If willing to extend your journey for another day, spend a short break in Stockholm, a great treat to you and your kids. Head to ABBA Museum Stockholm, one of the best children’s museums in Stockholm, for you to profit from its interactive bonanza, and uncover how the soul of Sweden sings. After this, go rollercoaster at the nearby Grona Lund Amusement Park.

Afternoon: Travel to the rollercoaster for your kids to see Stockholm from the top and enjoy the light speed of the rollercoaster carriage. Go for a light dinner afterwards, for the churn in your stomach may still be acutely sensed. Note that 3 days in Stockholm winter can also be jazzed up by going to its many choice ice skating rinks.

4 Days in Stockholm with Kids

Note that if you are making your trip into 4 days in Stockholm, one of the best places to travel in Stockholm with kids is Humlegarden. The leafy park has some great lush foliage in summer; and a distinct Nordic Christmas-zing feel in winter, making it one of the best places to visit Stockholm with kids. It has not only one of the best kids playgrounds in Stockholm, a skate ramp, and a restaurant but is also home to the Swedish Royal  Library. Head to the library, located at 26 Humlegårdsgatan, 102 41 Stockholm, Sweden

Here, check out its grand interior and exterior and keep in mind that it is a treasure of knowledge on all things Swedish, including its glorious maritime past, and features collections not only in Swedish but also in other languages. Afterwards head to the Swedish History Museum, located a walking distance away, one of the best children’s museums in Stockholm. After a visit to the museum, head for a family walk in picturesque and kinetic Ostermalm, the district in which the museum is situated, and check out the many great boutiques and a food market renown for its gravlax and smoked shrimp.

Best Day Trips from Stockholm

Head outside for a stroll in its parks and a picnic, if you are thinking of doing 5 days in Stockholm itinerary. Stockholm has a number of islands in its vicinity that can be visited delight in its great landscape. Note that the best way to spend a day out of town is to follow the local custom and go picnicking.

Haro Island

Head to Haro Island, one of the most scenic insular marvels of Sweden. It is one of the most prized islands for picnicking, which locals find especially conducive to pickinicking around Stockholm City with kids.

To get to Haro Island it is best to board a bus from Stockholm Central Station to Haro Island. If willing to make a transit through Copenhagen you can take a bus through its Bremen Hauptbahnhof.

Tyresta National Park

Set out for the Tyresta National Park hiding a wealth of natural beauties with even some animals, such as weasels appearing in plain sight. It also features pristine lakes, groves and pieces of primal forest.

To visit Tyresta National Park by public transport you can take buses 807 and 809 departing from Gullmarsplan, a place in Johanneshov, Stockholm, and bus 834 from Haninge, a municipality in Stockholm County, commuter train station.

Drottningholm Palace

Travel to the countryside royal residence of Drottningholm Palace, a tribute to Sweden’s former imperial grandeur. Built on the island of Lovon, it served as the original summer residence for the Swedish court. In addition to its being the functional private residence of the Swedish royalty, it is a tourist site available for visiting when you visit Stockholm with kids.

To visit it first take the line 515 bus from Odenplan T-bana, on the green line of Stockholm Metro, to Solna station. Then make transit by taking line 176 bus from Solna station to Drottningholm.

How to Get to Stockholm

Travelling to Stockholm is not only fun but also easy. It is one of the most well-connected cities in Europe. It is known for its great food and accommodation, making it one of the best cities to travel to in Europe with kids.

Getting to Stockholm by bus

Bus is one of the cheapest ways to get to Stockholm with kids. Visit Stockholm on a bus from Copenhagen, Oslo or Helsinki, and take pleasure in the warm familial vibe of Stockholm city and the comfy coaches running there.

Getting to Stockholm by plane

Nevertheless, a bus ride can take hours and it is much easier to visit Stockholm on a plane. Keep in mind that flying is best for a short break in Stockholm.

Check out this private transfer from Alanda Airport to Stockholm.

Getting to Stockholm by ferry

Probably the best way to travel to Stockholm with kids is by ferry. Your kids will love the adventurous feel of such a ferry ride, and will without any doubt be happy to see Stockholm City from the deck. It is also possible to go to Stockholm on a ferry in your own car. One of the best places to land a ferry to Stockholm is Helsinki, another dynamic Scandinavian city.

Getting to Stockholm by train

The train is one of the most comfortable options to visit Stockholm. A train feels much more chilled and fatigue-free thanks to the spacious carriages and comfortable seats.

Getting Around Stockholm

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most easy-to-move around locales with prime transport infrastructure is available to all budgets. You can fare around in a taxi, for example at night, for your kids not to get exposed to street crime common in some districts. Or to take a cheaper option of a bus, or travel on the rhizome-like network of its metro stations. You can even hop on a carriage on Stockholm Sweden Hose Carriage Tour. Travel to Stockholm with kids and don’t neglect to expose them to the kingly spirit of this Scandinavian pearl of a city.

To get around the best attractions and see the main sights, why not try the hop-on-hop-off bus tour with the option of a boat tour too!

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