2023 Guide to the Estonia Christmas Markets: Tallinn + Hidden Gems

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Looking for the best Estonia Christmas markets? Did you know that Estonia has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe?

Christmas in Estonia is a magical, festive season. The streets lit up with a thousand lights, carols filling the air, and silvery-white snow glistens on treetops.

Many Estonia Christmas markets pop up in the capital city and other parts of the country. Although there are not many Christmas markets, quality beats quantity, and the ones that you do find are truly unforgettable.

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Christmas in Estonia

Christmas is a well-loved holiday in Estonia, celebrated with a mixture of old and new traditions. The festive season begins with Advent. Children hang their socks on windows starting on 1st December and receive small gifts and sweets every day until the 24th of the month.

The main celebration falls on Christmas Eve, when families gather to indulge in a lavish dinner and exchange gifts. 

One of the most popular Estonia Christmas traditions is bathing in the sauna before changing into their best attire for the night’s festivity.

But did you know that the winter festivities have their roots in paganism? Yes, Estonians have celebrated the winter solstice for thousands of years pre-Christianity.

Fortunetelling is a popular activity during the event. With the help of the stars and the frost, people predict the weather for the coming year. Nowadays, most Estonians consider Christmas a celebration of friendship, family, love, and giving. 

Estonians love their holiday food. Christmas staples include jellied head cheese, oven-roasted potatoes, pork, and blood sausage. Offered on the side to balance the richness of the meat dishes are lingonberry sauce, sauerkraut, and pickled pumpkin.

Gingerbread cookies served with apples, mandarin oranges, and glogg (hot mulled wine) is a favourite holiday dessert.

Most holiday tourists skip Estonia for more popular Christmas destinations, such as Norway or Germany. But Estonia gives out a unique festive vibe that is worth checking out.

If you want to experience this magic, be sure to visit. With that, we say Häid Jõule! – that’s Merry Christmas in Estonian.

Amazing Estonia Christmas Markets to Visit

Where are the top European Christmas markets? You’ve made a fantastic choice if you’ve decided to visit Estonia for the holidays. Tallinn, the country’s capital city, was home to the best Christmas market in Europe in 2019.

Outside the capital, you’ll find smaller bazaars and fairs that are just as fascinating. Whether you want to sample delicious delicacies, find rare handicrafts, or experience authentic Estonian-style holiday celebrations, Estonia Christmas markets do not disappoint.

Tallinn Christmas Market, Town Hall Square

Tallinn Christmas Market 2023 Opening Dates: 25th November to 8th January 2023

tallinn christmas market, estonia christmas markets

There is only one Tallin Christmas market in 2023, but it is incredibly spectacular. The Tallinn market is a festive affair, featuring bell ringers, brass bands, dance troupes, and over 60 wooden stalls selling anything from homemade honey to sheepskin rugs and handmade wreaths.

A giant Christmas tree stands in front of the Town Hall, a tradition that goes back to 1441. Estonians claim they are the first to set up a decorated Christmas tree on display in Europe, and history says they may be right.

tallinn christmas market, christmas markets in tallinn, estonia cristmas markets

Even if you are not into Estonia’s Christmas markets, the capital is still worth seeing. Tallinn in winter is magical, with its beautifully decorated buildings and cobblestone alleys dusted with snow.

The average daily temperature, however, is -2°C (28.4°F) and can dip to -5°C (23°F). Be sure to bring your extra warm, cosy clothes.

Tallinn in winter, snow in estonia

You can buy unique handicrafts, winter accessories, and rare souvenirs at the Christmas market in Tallinn. Fill your tummy with hearty meat roasts, gingerbread, and mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Watch Santa Claus arrive at his little house on an authentic reindeer sleigh. He then gives candies to children who are best at reciting verses.

The brightly-lit merry-go-round is a favourite among kids and kids-at-heart.

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Estonia Christmas Markets in Tartu

Christmas City Tartu [Tartu Christmas Market]

2023 Opening Date: 9th December

tartu at christmas, tartu christmas market

Dreaming of a white Christmas? You might get lucky and experience one in Tartu, the stunning university city roughly three hours from Tallinn.

Christmas City Tartu takes place at the town hall square and centres around the massive Christmas tree.

You’ll find transparent stalls lit from within to create a surreal glow. Buy local crafts, handmade souvenirs, winter garments, mulled wine, and gingerbread.

Expect to see live entertainment, from carolers to hundreds of folk dancers.

Tartu Christmas Fair

2023 Opening Dates: 9th December

This one-day traditional Christmas fair happens in the city centre near the Tartu market hall.

Tartu Christmas Fair features around 200 merchants from around the country selling arts and crafts, winter clothing, and accessories.

You will also find local delicacies such as smoked meat, fish products, sauerkraut, pies, honey, baked goods, blood sausages, and hot drinks.

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 Other Estonia Christmas Markets 

Narva Castle Christmas Village

Narva Castle Christmas Village 2023 Opening Dates: 23rd December to 25th December

estonia chirstmas markets, narva castle christmas village

Three hours from Tallinn is the picturesque city of Narva, located on Estonia’s easternmost tip, on the western bank of the Narva River.

Every year Narva hosts an impressive Christmas market on its historic castle grounds, featuring Estonian traditions combined with customs of different countries and eras.

Hunt for unique keepsakes at the souvenir fair, then unwind at the cosy Christmas café. Kids will love exploring Santa’s hut or meeting the animals at the petting zoo.

Each day brings different activities, including performances, contests, and workshops.

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Snow Kingdom in Põltsamaa Castle

Snow Kingdom in Põltsamaa Castle 2023 Opening Dates: 3rd December, 10th December and 17th December

Built on the banks of the Põltsamaa River, the Põltsamaa Castle is an enchanting stone fortress that dates back to 1272.

For three Saturdays in December, it turns into a magical snow kingdom of dazzling Christmas lights, varied shops, and fun activities.

If you want to enjoy delicious Estonian holiday delicacies, head to the cosy shops with their wide selection of goodies and refreshments.

Find your way through the spruce maze of Snow Kingdom market, drop by Santa Claus’ house, find treasures in a scavenger hunt, and get on a sleigh ride on the castle grounds.

You can even mail Santa a letter through Santa’s mailbox.

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Pärnu Christmas Village [Parnu Christmas Market]

2023 Opening Dates: Unknown

Parnu christmas village, estonin christmas traditions, estonia christmas markets

Set at the Pärnu Independence Square, the Christmas Village features live performances, fun activities for kids, and a market where you can shop for décors, costume jewellery, original artworks by local artists, lots of food, and more. Children will enjoy Santa and his elves working in their shop.

Christmas at Lottemaa 

Christmas at Lottemaa  2023 Opening Dates: 17th December to 18th December and 26th December to 30th December

Not exactly a Christmas market, but this event is one that children will undoubtedly love. The Lotte Village Theme Park turns into a winter wonderland with dazzling holiday decorations and hundreds of colourful lights filling the gardens, cottages, and forest paths.

Kids can watch and join in Christmas plays, do handicrafts at Lotte’s workshop, explore the adventure trail, meet the Christmas Rabbit, and have warm soup and tasty pastries at the café.

The theme park is 20 minutes from the Pärnu city centre, which is under two hours from Tallinn. The Lotte Village Theme Park is a fantastic addition to your holiday itinerary after you visit all the Estonia Christmas markets.

Stay Near Lotte Theme Park

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FAQs: Christmas Market Estonia

How cold does Estonia get in winter

Estonia experiences cold winters, with temperatures often dropping to -10°C (14°F) or lower, especially in January and February. Snow is common, covering the ground for around 3 months, but severe cold snaps can see temperatures plummet to -20°C (-4°F) or even colder.

How does Estonia celebrate Christmas?

Estonians celebrate Christmas with a blend of Christian and pagan traditions. The season starts with Advent and culminates on Christmas Eve, the most important day. Families come together for a festive meal which often includes pork, sauerkraut, and potatoes, followed by singing traditional carols and exchanging gifts.

In Estonia, where will a lot of families traditionally go on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, many Estonian families traditionally visit cemeteries to light candles and pay respects to deceased loved ones.

What to do in Tallinn at Christmas?

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas. Visitors can explore the magical Christmas market in the Town Hall Square, indulge in traditional Estonian festive treats, ice skate in the Old Town, and enjoy the beautifully decorated streets and buildings. Special concerts and events are also held throughout the season.

What is there to see in Estonia?

Estonia boasts diverse attractions ranging from its historic capital, Tallinn, with its medieval Old Town, to the pristine landscapes of its national parks. Visitors can explore ancient fortresses, tranquil lakes, dense forests, and a coastline dotted with islands. The country’s rich history and culture are evident in its museums, churches, and festivals.

What can you do in Estonia with Kids?

Estonia offers numerous activities for families with kids. They can explore the Estonian Open Air Museum, visit the Tallinn Zoo, or have fun at the Lottemaa Theme Park. Nature-loving families might enjoy hiking in Soomaa National Park, spotting wildlife, or relaxing on the beaches of Pärnu. Throughout the year, various child-friendly festivals and events are also organized.

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