14 Best Germany Theme Parks for Families (2024)

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Family holidays in Germany are hard to imagine without visiting amusement parks. Such a pastime will bring infinite pleasure not only to children but also to adults.

German theme parks are, without exaggeration, amazing.

If you travel to north-eastern Germany, you will find several excellent amusement parks in Berlin. In the north of the country, there are great theme parks in Hamburg, and in the West, there are beautiful theme parks in Cologne. 


Theme Parks in Germany Map

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Best Germany Theme Parks

More than forty amusement parks in Europe are located in Germany, more than in many other European countries. 

Here you can ride exciting rides, participate in a space show, get acquainted with the richest collections of fish and find out how a real movie is made. Children’s amusement parks in Germany are remarkably diverse in terms of thematic focus.

Each has its own “zest”, many of which provide the opportunity to stay in themed resort hotels. This article will teach you about the best amusement parks in Germany.

1. Europa Park, Rust

Europa Park Germany

Europa Park is the biggest amusement park in Germany and the second most popular of the theme parks in Europe!

Europa Park Germany also features Rulantica, one of the newest water parks in Europe, and the museum-themed hotel Krønasår. There’s no doubt it’s amongst the best amusement parks in Germany, and it features some of the world’s most famous theme park rides, including the Alpenexpress Enzian, which opened in 1984!

It’s also one of the biggest theme parks in Europe, with several million visitors annually – in fact, by size, it’s Europe’s biggest amusement park!

2. Legoland, Günzburg, southern Germany

Legoland germany, germany theme aprks

Who doesn’t love Lego? Among German theme parks, Legoland Deutschland is one of the best for little ones and families.

 Legoland Europe, Germany, is extremely popular with the locals and tourists! It’s an entirely Lego-themed park featuring several roller coasters, a holiday village, and sections based on numerous Lego “worlds,” including:

• Miniland

• Lego City

• Little Asia

• Knights Kingdom (Land der Ritter)

• Imagination

• Kingdom of the Pharaohs (Land der Pharaonen)

• Adventure Land (Land der Abenteuer)

• Pirate Land (Land der Piraten)

• Lego X-treme

The Legoland parks could be quickly listed in Europe’s top 5 theme parks! The German one, in particular, has won several awards for its child- and family-friendly nature. 

3. Phantasialand, Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia

phantasialand, Bruhl

Though one of the smallest by area, Phantasialand is one of the biggest fun parks Europe offers in terms of attention to detail and constant upgrades. Like Portaventura, the theme park is split into different worlds based on real cultures: Berlin (and Rookburgh), Mexico, China Town, and Deep in Africa.

In addition, there are the Fantasy and Mystery areas, the latter of which features a mediaeval village called Klugheim. The park features thrill rides, wild roller coasters, amazing water rides, dark rides, and many other attractions, including mystery rooms and rides for younger children.

The park removes rides frequently to make room for new ones, so there’s always something new! There are also many performance shows.

4. Skyline Park, Germany, Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria

skyline park, german theme park

Skyline Park has a ton of attractions, from water rides to roller coasters to trampolines and more. Another German theme park in Europe is a favourite for families looking for alternate entertainment like go-karting mixed in with their amusement rides! It has 43 total attractions and a playground, meaning there’s something for all ages.

If you’re looking for Munich theme parks, it’s only an hour away!

5. Heide Park, Soltau, Lower saxony

Heide Park, Soltau, Lower saxony

Heide Park has been the best place for children’s joy for over 35 years. If you arrived in Germany with Kids and want to give your young adventurers a day full of fun, welcome to this amazing place! By the way, Heide Park is one of the largest German entertainment centres, so there are always a lot of local families and tourists with children here. 

In this Germany’s entertainment centre, you will find 45 attractions of various colours and levels of steepness that invite you to tickle your nerves. 

The latest rides to open are the classic rollercoaster with four turns and a large loop, the Scream, a platform with seats fixed on it, and the wooden roller coaster. It is one of the steepest wooden roller coasters in Europe. First, it lifts people to a height of more than 100m and then abruptly collapses.

The speed of the collapse of the platform reaches 100 km/h! Also, there are water rides on the water raft boats, on which you can ride on the lake, a huge swing in the form of a pirate schooner, and the Heide express train, which takes you around the park with a mini-tour during which you will choose suitable attractions for yourself. 

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6. Hansa Park, Sierksdorf

Hansa Park is the fifth largest amusement park in Germany. It opened in 1977, and almost every year, more and more carousels and roller coasters are opened here, and entire game worlds are being built. Today, the park has 125 attractions designed for young and old visitors.

German fun park Hansa has different thematic zones. Toddlers have their own Children’s World with fun and safe entertainment. It includes a train ride, a boat ride along the lake, and special animal shows.

An adventure play centre awaits younger students, where you can feel like Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe at the same time. But those who like to tickle their nerves will not be left without pleasure.

Here they will find the best rides in Germany. Here they can rush on a roller coaster, soar steeply into the sky and dive down again with the “Flying Shark”, feel like the tongue of a giant “Bell”, or ride a chain carousel at the height of 85 meters. And all, without exception, daredevils can climb the 100-meter Holstein Tower, where you can feel the salty wind of the Baltic Sea and from where you can see the entire territory of this amazing German amusement park.

7. Serengeti Park, Hodenhagen

Serengeti Park, Hodenhagen

Serengeti Park in the country’s north, the state of Lower Saxony, is the largest safari park in Germany. It is divided into four thematic zones:

  • The monkey family
  • The kingdom of wild animals
  • The entertainment area and the water world

To get around all these areas, you can use your car or local double-decker buses with panoramic windows so that children do not miss anything of interest. 

Daily performances in each zone of the park include watching the Punch and Judy Show or the African Magic Show in the water world. The Zambezi Water Show awaits you and your child in the entertainment area. And among the monkeys, you can attend the feeding of humanoid primates in the artificially created Amboseli Reserve.

In Serengeti Park, one of the best German theme parks, you can also see this incredible sight from the local suspension bridge.

8. Belantis, Leipzig

Belantis, Leipzig

Belantis Theme Park is the largest amusement park of this type in eastern Germany. 

There are more than sixty attractions here. The names of the thematic areas of the park are impressive: the Valley of the Pharaohs, the Coast of the Gods, the Earl’s Land, the Knight’s Island, the Coast of the Discoverers, and the Indian Prairie. Thrill-seekers will enjoy a breath-taking waterfall flight from the tallest pyramid in Europe or a free fall from the sky-high free fall tower Tilt Tower.

In the Land of the Solar Temple, huge loops of the Huracan roller coaster with a five-fold coup, included in the top ten most dizzying rides in the world, rise to a height of 32m and then free fall. Poseidon’s Fleet, where you can control the boats yourself, and the Flight of the Gods, where you can set the angle of the wings and the possibility of a coup in flight, are also very popular.

Young visitors of the Belantis amusement park will also be pleased: they can try the Desert Rally and ride on large inflatable “cheesecake” boats.

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9. Filmpark Babelsberg, Potsdam

Filmpark Babelsberg, Potsdam

Babelsberg theme park in Potsdam is one of the best German theme parks, which invites guests into the world of spotlights and scenery. If you are having a Berlin city break with kids, it is easy to visit this theme park due to its proximity to the capital.

At this place, children and adults can look beyond the blue screen and learn how films and cartoons are made. In Babelsberg, guests will be told everything about the cinema world.

On the site of the amusement park Germany Babelsberg, there was once a film studio called German Hollywood. About a hundred films a year were released here, and such famous actresses as Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo worked. In 1991, a cinema park was opened on the studio’s site, the heroes of which were the characters from the tapes of the Babelsberg studio. It is better to start a walk around the studio with a sightseeing tour. 

The youngest visitors will enjoy the playground, stylized as the world of Mowgli and his friends. Children are invited to visit the gingerbread house that was built for the filming of Hansel and Gretel.

10. Freizeitpark Marchenwald im Isartal, Wolfratshausen, Munich

If you are travelling to Munich with kids, take them to the Fairytale Forest, Freizeitpark Marchenwald im Isartal, where swings, carousels and slides are hidden under the canopy of trees. In this amusement park in Munich, children can happily ride on the back of a rabbit, porcupine or squirrel, and a horse.

For those who trust modern transport more, a fun train journey awaits. Dreamers will love the Balloons or Vintage Cars carousels. And the daredevils will even be able to ride a comet or fly in a spaceship around the globe. A huge umbrella rises above the park, the highest hill in the Fairy Forest. It is nice that the entrance tickets allow you to visit all the rides any number of times at no extra charge, and the price is not high, just 16 euros per person.

In glass houses, dolls show the story of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Aybolit heals animals under the hat of a huge fly agaric, a special train goes to Ali Baba’s cave. In one of the best German amusement parks, you can also get acquainted with the heroes of German books, for example, the restless Max and Moritz and the brave Hansel and Gretel. 

11. Bayern-Park, Reisbach

This amusement park in Germany, Bayern-Park, is one of the most unusual German theme parks in that it offers tourists different options for recreation. It is convenient that most of the rides are designed for children over 100 centimetres tall, so visitors aged of 4-12 will be able to visit almost all the attractions.

On the territory, there are places for quiet walks with strollers, enclosures with animals are installed along the paths, and some can be stroked and fed. You can see artiodactyls, monkeys, ponies, and even wild cats among the smaller brothers living in the park. 

Also, this amusement park near Munich has roller coasters for adults and carousels for kids. It is worth highlighting the catapult slide “Free Shooter” – in less than three seconds. You will be picking up speed up to 80 kilometres per hour! 

12. El Dorado Templin

 El Dorado Templin

El Dorado Templin is an amazing theme park where you can travel back to the times of the good old West – wild and unbridled, the theme of which was inspired by world-famous directors more than once.

Eldorado in Templin is located on a vast territory and is a real town of that time, where you can meet the leader of the redskins, ride a horse, and go for food in a real saloon. In the German Eldorado, there is a service for renting dresses and suits, so if you wish, you can dress up as a redskin, a sheriff, a cowboy or a beautiful singer from a saloon.

For children, there is a lot of fun. They can shoot archery, ride mini-quad bikes, ride horses (including ponies for the little ones), and visit a gold panning attraction. During the day, an entertainment program is held on the complex’s territory, where the audience is told about the history of the tribes, their traditions and rituals. The artists sing songs, perform folk dances and show small scenes from the life of the Indians.

13. Taunus Wunderland, Schlangenbad

Just half an hour from Frankfurt is the amusement park Taunus Wunderland with many attractions for children and adults. You can climb a tower made of soft plastic and explore the Fairy Forest or a mysterious haunted castle. Animal lovers will be happy to visit the playground or the prehistoric forest with dinosaurs. Those who want an adrenaline rush can ride a perfect German roller coaster or a rafting attraction. 

Additionally, there is a trampoline! Jumps on the stomach, back, somersaults and other pirouettes are allowed to be twisted by small dexterous acrobats. And if you get hungry, go to a cosy local restaurant, from the panoramic windows of which a magnificent view of the entire holiday park opens.

14. Tripsdrill, Cleebronn

Tripsbill, theme parks in Germany

Tripsdrill is one of the most sprawling Germany theme parks, with more than 100 attractions united in thematic blocks. Walking through these places, you will find yourself in the beautiful world of animals living in spacious enclosures because there is also a zoo here.

For lovers of history, there are three museums here – Local Lore, Laundry and Ironing, and Winemaking. The symbol of Tripsdrill Park is the Old Maid’s Mill. According to legend, all the old maids who touch the mill will become young again! The amazing nature of the forest park zone and the sound of water will help you relax from the hectic everyday city life. 

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How many theme parks are in Germany?

Germany has more than 40 theme parks, including an animal park, movie park, Lego land, etc.

Does Germany have roller coasters?

There are several theme parks in Germany with fantastic roller coasters of all levels of difficulty. 


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